Words and Music: Excursions in the Art of Rock Fandom" by Michael Anthony

Hey lovelies!

As you all know, music feeds us, liberates our soul to such extents that without it, we are always left wanting more…

So, we talk about music when we are not listening to it (and sometimes when we are listening to it); we crave music; we read about music…

Today, I found an intriguing book about what rock means to the multitudes of rockers out there… and by a rocker from Cardiff!

Why does rock music mean so much to us? What’s so special about a rock gig? What really happens when you play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards? Does the devil really have all the good songs? Which rock vocalist did the author smuggle in to see Metallica? How did Heidi the dog help her owner meet guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore? What are you supposed to say to your rock idol after you say hello? Is Bob Dylan right about the origins of his name? Are all Marillion songs about death and water? And what was Motörhead’s Lemmy up to, lecturing Welsh politicians on the dangers of drug abuse?

Words and Music is a thought-provoking and entertaining guide to the joys and perils of rock fandom. Blending anecdote and analysis, the author discusses the value of rock music, drawing on a growing rock literature and his experience of the work of a wide range of artists and bands including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Marillion, the Doors, Magnum, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Metallica, Twelfth Night and Geoff Mann.

Author Michael Anthony says: “Rock music means an awful lot to an awful lot of people, but this is often obscured by tales of rock star excess and mainstream media portrayals. My book tries to redress this a little by offering thoughts and experiences from beyond the tired old rock ‘n’ roll clichés. I have written from a fan’s perspective with the aim of speaking to other fans. I believe my experience is very common and that rock fans everywhere will derive pleasure and sustenance from this book. I see rock fandom as one big discussion and this is my contribution to it.”

I am certain it is going to be a rocking read!


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