Lin Di – Ten Days in Magic Land

Lin Di – Ten Days in Magic Land



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Finding music of interest out of China is a challenging endeavor.  The progressive and metal scene are not prominent enough to warrant immediate attention from the countries in which it is more prominent.  China, however, has a deep culture which makes it alluring to seek out their music and what blends there might be with the music worlds we love!

What have I found?  Not much, actually.  While important for their local scene, many Chinese bands do not significantly separate themselves from Western styles, causing them to not stand out.  When you do find something interesting you’re faced with the sheer fact that existence does not mean quality.  …but what have I found?  Something great, actually.  Lin Di.

Lin Di, and her group Cold Fairyland, offer a blend of Western progressive rock steeped in traditional Chinese music.  Lin Di solo albums I might term progressive Chinese, while Cold Fairyland would be progressive rock built around traditional Chinese.  Either way, the music is polished, intriguing, and wonderfully performed by quality musicians.  Physical copies of most of their music can be hard to come by, but a few are offered on Spotify and most can be purchased for download.

I’ve selected a few tracks from one of Lin Di’s earliest album, Ten Days in Magic Land.  The album carries a mystical quality, blending in synthesizers but not straying too far into rock, as does Cold Fairyland.  At times the smooth flow of the album makes it seem almost atmospheric in quality.

The Seventh Day is a pulsing, dark toned album that gives a nice creepy feeling by the end.

The Fourth Day shows off a nice middle transition to a more pop sound that builds into some very intriguing developments.

The Eight Day shows off the some of the more atmospheric qualities of the album.  It is dark, and it is big,




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