Lalu – Timestop

Lalu – Timestop




Mon, 21 May 2012 07:58:03 +0000


Nothing I enjoy more on a quiet day then passing time listening to some good prog, the stuff dripping with eccentricity and passion, just perfect for getting lost in. Such is what I get with Lalu’s album Oniric Metal, and one of its longer songs, Timestop. This album is the product of a one-time collaboration of musicians centering around French keyboardist and composer Vivien Lalu, with contributing musicians such as Ryan Van Poederooyen of the Devin Townsend Project on drums, vocalist Martin LeMar of Tomorrow’s Eve, guitarist Joop Wolters, and Russel Bergquist on bass.

The piece has a classic soft prog opening, Lalu using his toys to the upmost of their ability to gather a sense of fascination about the place. As the mysticism of the opening sequence settles into a rythmic pace, the progression of the pace slowly builds, with LeMar’s wonderful vocals leading the way. This leads into a simply wonderful, heave, and rich instrumental section in which the work of guitarist Joop Walters shines, though accompanied in a fine fashion by the rhythm of Poederooyen and Bergquist. I love how Lalu’s keyboards provide such a wonderful, ethereal background without dominating the piece, it is some very well constructed music overall.

If Timestop isn’t enough to fill your proggy needs, then keep listening to the 18+ minute epic piece Potboy-The Final Fantasy, a wild and silly work of a less than upstanding alien. If that isn’t proggy enough for you, then you might be in need of professional help. Though it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing another collaboration of this group, they did leave us at least this, a solid album done in the fashion good prog should be done.


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