Mekong Delta – The Healer

Mekong Delta – The Healer




Thu, 31 May 2012 14:35:32 +0000


Erratic and unpredictable sound on a solid base, that is the best way I can describe German prog metal band Mekong Delta’s re-recording of their 1997 song The Healer on their 2012 compilation Intersections.  If you are looking for something predictable to bang the old noodle to, don’t come here, but if you want a more advanced headbanging adventure, then this is for you.  This thing rocks in all the right ways, and has the variation to keep growing with each subsequent listen.

Started as a studio project in 1985, Mekong Delta’s lineup was kept a secret for years, as to not anger any of the members present bands, and was structured together by sound engineer of the parent bands and owner of Aaarrg Records, Ralph Hubert, also present on bass. After some studio releases, including concept album The Music of Erich Zann and Kaleidascope, the band fell into the ether around 1996.  Most bands would never survive a ten year hiatus, but this band did.Reconstructed by Hubert with a new lineup, they returned with the release of Lurking Fear in 2007 and the subsequent 2010 product, Wanderer on the Edge of Time. The latest release, Intersections, a compilation of older songs re-recorded by the present lineup, is a raw and adventurous production, and should serve well to introduce the band to new fans, like myself.

Good music played well always sits with me, and knowing I have twenty plus years of music to look back through, sits even better. I got a lot of listening ahead of me, and I like it.

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