Anthrax – In The End


I like Anthrax but haven’t been a huge fan – but this song blew my mind! A few seconds into the song and I was sold!  The vocals are so passionate and that riffs in the background are plain awesome!

I’m listening to it even as I am writing this…

Now… Here’s what I think:  there are signs of new ideas on the new album and you know what, I always embrace change… I love evolving with the band I love… (as is the case for DT)

“Although you can hear that good ol’ Anthrax between the 4th and 5th minutes” says my die-hard fan pal (Hi Emoshus!) …

But what was it that struck me so squarely on the face?

I thought that maybe the return of Joey played a role in what appears to be a huge improvement but Joey’s style is completely different – even his voice sounds different to me! One can  easily be fooled into thinking that this is another band… It is closer to new modern heavy metal approaches… I listened to the whole album and all the songs are solid for what it’s worth… I won’t identify myself as a huge Anthrax fan after this album but I am one of the appreciators now!
Whatever the reason, this is a markedly better product than I would expect.

Excellent songwriting, in brief! I won’t say that I’m 100% sure but this might well be their most solid song… This is by far the best stuff, most addictive composition these guys have churned out… or at least the best that I’m aware of…

“You’ll be my light in the dark when the sun goes down!” Darn!


Lady Obscure

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