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Sleep Inside The Nebula

Today, I’ve got a studio based musician from Worcester for you, Sleep Inside The Nebula aka Robert Smith.  From his bio, and I quote:

The current and first release ‘Atrocities’ launched the project in April 2012. The song familiarised the audience with the background of the creator, touching on the issue of how hurdles delay a persons dream. The song left a positive impression that shown the audience just a small taste of future expectations from the project.

Mr Nebula had previously been involved with several Metal genre based projects, which involved moving through the line up of instruments and genre roles. Bass started Mr Nebulas Career in thrash metal band Dissolution, guitar in hard rock band Malevolent Aspect and then finally with the later act of lead vocalist for Metalcore band Beyond Redemption. However, after a forced retirement from previous live performance projects due to health issues, Mr Nebula put down the instruments and seeked for a cure for his these issues in order to progress in his music career and to continue to do what he loved doing best. During the healing process, Mr Nebula embraced progressive and ambient music as a form of relaxation during coping techniques. As he embraced his newfound taste, his health and confidence became well enough to start picking up the instrument again which also allowed for the opportunity to experiment with these genres and fuse them with his passion for metal.

Equipped with the experience of being a multi instrumentalist, the creative and writing process was initiated and before long; recording skeleton tracks for ideas started to shape a brand new era a brand new project in Mr Nebula’s life.

With the tool of music education and production, the musical ball was rolling again, leading to the first production and release ‘Atrocities’ for free download via social network sites. Mr Nebula had now returned to the music scene with a fresh taste in genre selection, boosted knowledge and a changed approach to production as well as a new persona to be viewed by.

Sleep Inside The Nebula plans to bring something special to the world of metal by experimenting with many sub genres within metal. Classical and synthetic elements together play an important role too, as classical instruments bring dramatisation to the pallet whereas synthesis helps emphasise the spacious feel within the progressive elements. An example of this is strongly but clearly presented in Atrocities.

Here is Atrocities by Sleep inside the Nebula!


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