JOANovARC – Sisters

JOANovARC – Sisters




Thu, 28 Jun 2012 12:38:40 +0000


JOANovARC is a UK female rock band that recently had a second song placed on Rock Band 3. Some would shun artists that ‘sell out’ to such commercialism, but in today’s day and age, any exposure is good exposure. With the popularity of such games, I don’t see how it’s any different than getting a hit played on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 (ok, demonstrating my age there). None-the-less, several acts have garnered more notoriety by getting their music on a gaming platform. I know a few people that were first exposed to Dream Theater in such a way.

While the current track being promoted (Say Sayonara) gets just a little too close to a pop sound for me (I hear elements that remind me of Turning Japanese by the Vapours – again showing my age), it was appealing enough for me to take a quick look their debut EP – Beneath the Sky. Five songs, 22 minutes, all enjoyable with different styles. One is close to a bluesy-ballad, one that feels kinda like rockin/country. For me, the most enjoyable was “Sisters” (also on the Rock Band Network). A short (4 minutes… short by ladyobscure standards) rock song with a slow vocal and rhythm section intro, followed by drumming that picks up the pace leading to an up-beat – almost frantic – chorus countered with verse’s that are mellow, at least in comparison. The up-and-down/back-and-forth feel to the song creates a nice flow overall.

If you’re a fan of female fronted bands, have a quick try with JOANovARC. They’re also female backed, and impressively so.


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