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Hey folks!

Today, I’m with INFERNO.

Lady:  So, at the risk of sounding very cliché, how did your journey start?

Emre: Well, it was actually a coincidence, us getting together. Ramazan (Vocalist) was planning to try the vocals for the first time in his life and he Mustafa thought that they should form a band to, you know, improve while playing the songs they love to listen. Then, Ahmet (Ex-bassist), I (Lead Guitars), and Barış (Drums) joined the band and after this final line-up, “the journey” as you put it – began.

Lady:   Ah, so for most of you this is the first experience in a band. What about the others?

Barış: Before this, were not “playing” per se. I mean, Ramazan was actually a drummer, and his band was not an active one at that. They did not have their own tunes. Mustafa was playing the guitar but he didn’t have a band and was not improving – didn’t even have the chance go on stage. Emre had not been playing for about 6-7 years when he first joined the band. I had a band though it was in hiatus – we were just randomly rehearsing. Our only member who could be said to have been active before InferNo was Ozan (bass guitars). He had this band, “Digested Corpse”, and now he’s also playing for the band “Black Tooth”. I mean, we were mostly listening to music, not actually playing.

Lady:   It looks like you guys are into very heavy stuff – so, metal, not that I’m complaining but is there a specific reason?

Ramazan: I guess it’s the aggressive spirit of the Metal that quicken our pulses. I mean the protest lyrics, the powerful sound of guitars, the aggressive vocals… They are just what we need to stand up against life. We are not weak. We know it. And Metal is the best way for us to express our feelings about this.

Lady:   OK, so, what are your plans? Do you have a feeling as to what future holds for InferNo?

Mustafa: Right now, we just published our first professional video clip for our fans, and we’re pretty happy with the reactions. What’s more, we recorded our second and third tunes (Set My Soul Free and The Time is Ripe for Me to Fight) as well. In the meantime, we’re preparing for our first album. It will probably be released within the year. There is no tour in horizon for now. However, we’re invited to some awesome organizations from other cities – Istanbul and Izmir. As we are from Ankara, we usually are booked here.

Our plans are already set. We’re taking distinct and disciplined steps towards it. In a nutshell, we don’t have any commercial concerns. We do this for the music’s sake. If the fans like what we are doing, the pride of creating something meaningful will be satisfaction for us.

All in all, we are trying to give Metal the respect it deserves.

And thanks a lot for this interview!

Lady:  Thank you Mustafa.

More information about the band can be found on their Facebook page. And here is their new video!

Contact number (Mustafa): +90 532 720 77 78

[youtube u_lnJlPxgSo]


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