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Today, I’m with Davide Merletto from Italy. He is an interesting person as he is a life coach as well as a musician! Now, to learn more about him and his professional life.

Lady Obscure: Hey Davide. It looks like you have an interesting (double) life. But so as not to break tradition, how did the musical part of it began?

Dave: Hi Lady! Thank you so much for showing me your interest in my music and for the gift of your time.

It all began when I was 8 years old and I found my grandpa’s guitar in a closet… From that moment on I started playing, studying and taking lessons by the greatest teachers I could find! Then, at the age of 25 I decided to skip to singing and after 8 years music school I graduated in lyrical and modern voice.

Lady Obscure: What about now? What are your ongoing projects? Who do you work with in those?

Dave: You know, now I’m mostly a freelance, a record session man; anyway, my most important and beloved project is with Daedalus, a great progressive metal band created by great guys. We began our journey together about 6 years ago, working with them has given me the big opportunity of recording two great albums – “The Never Ending Illusion” and “Motherland” – and getting a high visibility. In the last few years I’ve been working with bands from Norway, Swiss, United States and Italy; last year I also performed the role of Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” touring around Italy.

Lady Obscure: Looks like you’ve got more than two lives! A day job, session works, rock operas, bands… So, where do the rock and metal stand?

Dave: I guess it’s all about feelings. I always loved rock and metal music because it makes you able to send your emotions straight to the heart of the people by being passionate and aggressive at the same time, my favorite genres are progressive, AOR and all that sounds melodic in general.

Lady Obscure: Tell me about your own stuff – I understand you record for others; have you also got an album? Or are you planning to record one?  

Dave: I’ve recorded a lot of albums and songs for others and now I’m starting my own project, on September 2012 I’ll release the first single “On Your Way”, while preparing a brand new album and getting in touch with some new record labels: I will surely need a promoter and a manager, sooner or later!

Lady Obscure: What about live performances? Tours in Italy or around the world maybe?

Dave: Unfortunately no, at the moment I’m focusing on my first solo album and on a couple of international projects I’ve been hired for. I hope I’ll find the time for touring soon!

Lady Obscure: In light of these, how’s the future looking?

Dave: Future is looking bright! Always…

Lady Obscure: Ok, going back to your own music; what do you write about? Do you have recurring themes? You know, to give people a taste of what they are going to be in for!

Dave: Generally, I always try to talk about my emotions on real things that happen in my life and my new songs will be filled with great energy and good old feelings.. “On Your Way”, for example, is about the strength I found within during a bad and dark time of my life; “For Aye” (Daedalus – Motherland ) is about a love story I had when I was 19.. “Keep it straight and simple” is the best way of making music, for me..

Lady Obscure: Which would you think to be more exciting? Being on the road or in the studio, recording?

Dave: Exciting?! Both!! In different ways… Being in the studio means to create, to give birth to something brand new and it’s always a huge emotion to transform an idea in a melody; at the same time, playing live gives me the great chance to share my time and feelings with my fans and with all the people who appreciate my art. This is the reason why I play music! Without fans’ love and affection a musician would be nothing…

Lady Obscure: With all your projects, who is composing the songs? Writing the lyrics?

Dave: When some band hires me for recording sessions they usually come up with the whole songs written, then sometimes they ask me to fix the lyrics or the vocal lines just to get along with my style. For my new project I’m writing all the music and all the lyrics, for what about the arrangement I work with my friend Andrea Torretta (Daedalus), excellent guitarist and sound engineer.

Lady Obscure: So, what makes you tick music-wise? Catering to the audience? Doing your own thing?

Dave: To be honest to me and to my fans! I would never sing something I don’t feel only to catch some more audience or some more money: I would never fool myself or people who follow me in that way…

Lady Obscure: Going back to the start, who would you count among your influences? You know, who made you shape yourself music-wise?

Dave: My influences are very important to me, they keep my feet on the ground remembering me who I am and how much I still have to learn. Joey tempest, Michael Kiske and Freddie Mercury have always been my benchmarks… Even if I have to admit that Jorn Lande and Myles Kennedy are damn good!

Lady Obscure: So, we said that you are also a life coach – it surely is an idealist man’s job. Is it difficult to manage two different careers? Or in your case, more than three as you have your own project, your session work and your day job!

Dave: I find very easy to balance between a part time job and music. Being a freelance in both of my businesses helps me plan my time in a very easy way. Life Coaching is my second big passion, it would be very hard for me to give up one of these two sides of me… Let’s see what happens!

Lady Obscure: I’m sure a lot of my readers are intrigued – how can we know more about you and your music?

Dave: Well, first of all I want to thank you again for this adorable opportunity of having some words together! I wait for you and all our  fans on my websites for the release of my new single “On Your Way”: FacebookYouTube and MySpace.

Lady Obscure: Thank you Davide!

Dave: You’ve been lovely Lady, thank you !


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