My Honorable Mentions….

My Honorable Mentions….




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Most of the bands we write about here have enjoyed success, be it commercially or in the form of a dedicated fan base, but as all of us know, the soulful aspect of music is water that runs much deeper. I got to thinking about all the unsung heroes of music, those who live and breathe it as deeply as any stadium act, and felt the need to pay homage to them, the ones who make the music live and breathe in their own special ways…

-To the Dad who had a moment of softness, and decided to not tell his teen son to “turn that crap down!!!” that one time, just happened to be the time the son heard the song that lit the fire to a passion that would burn for the rest of his life. It was that one sliver of time that made the difference for so many of us.

-To the high school garage bands, playing for nothing, practicing on a tireless schedule, fueled only by desire and a hunger for something greater. Some might make it, some will hold on to the passion in their own special way, some will fade into the obscure pools of humanity, never to create music again.

-To the bar bands that will never see the big stage, never see a record deal, never see all the luxuries of the rockstar life. Those who bust ass at work all day to pay the bills, then head to a seedy dive and rock out till the wee hours of the morning, all for a measly 300 bucks, even though there’s enough talent between two guitarist and a drummer on a five piece that they can cover Lights Out by UFO perfectly(I saw this happen, simply amazing). They do it for love, simply for love.

-To the bands who endlessly write and rehearse original material, expressing all the wants, hungers, and desires inside them, even though a paycheck is never to come. To bare one’s soul open freely, without any prospect of reward, is the greatest of vulnerabilities and the most loving of gifts.

-To the strung out musician, his brilliance only outdone by his troubled soul. He has taken his last slam of dope, he will be dead soon. He literally gave his life to the business, only to be trashed by the papers in the morning.

-To the backbones of the business, working tirelessly to make sure that the music is just right, the lights are shining, and the stage sturdy. They labor and sweat so that he experience is seamless for us all.

-To the frustrated, the joyous, the sad, the angry, the lost, the reborn, the alone, the loved, the satiated, the hungry, the beaten, the wanting, the peaceful, the searching, to all of those who had a feeling, and needed a song to live it through, and to live through it.

-To the fans everywhere, for music needs a soul to satisfy, and the love of it needs to be shared.

-And finally, to the air guitarist, the shower singer, the steering wheel drummer, the bus riding headbanger, the comb as a microphone slumber party girls, and especially to the old man at a performance of Stravinsky’s Firebird, with the forever unexplained tear running down his cheek. We will never know what tale of death and rebirth the aural story of the pheonix invoked in him, it is his alone. To all of those who are unafraid to let their passion for the music shine out from their inner selves.

It’s to all of these people, and so many more, that I would like to honor here, the ones who lived and breathed the music in every fashion. As a child, the days got quite insane as for me, as they do for all of us. I was given the gift of music though, and whenever the music played, the insanity stopped. Even today, if I need good counsel, a friend to laugh with, a love to share my joy, or a shoulder to cry on, I have to look no further than my music.  It is an honest and faithful companion and friend that will always be there for me.

The love of music, I feel, is the most intimate thing a person can have, it cannot be bred or grown. To tell someone what music to like is the most futile gesture of all, and to say a band sucks is a meaningless statement. That band that you may think sucks is bound to be the very thing that breathes life into another. Each of our souls ring to a different vibration, a different frequency, no two are alike. The multitudes of musical artist exist to satisfy these myriad vibrations and frequencies. Sometimes though, the flavor of one’s own musical soul can cross paths with another’s. Think of your favorite song, play it in your head, feel the bliss brought about by this simple act. Now imagine someone you care about, one whose soul is in tune with that same wonderful song that brought said bliss to you. There lie the two of you, eyes closed, breathing shared air, souls floating on gossamer winds of sound, together in a way that most people will never reach.  Such times are the most intimate connections born of, moments when we know we have found someone who at some level lives, feels, and loves as we do. Lifelong friendships have been made out of this very simple union of souls, this intimacy beyond intimacy. Such is the power of music.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream.” –Arthur O’Shaughnessey

Thank you, all of you, for letting the music be felt and heard and lived, all around the world. – lonestar

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