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The Pineapple Thief – 3000 Days

You know I like heavy and tend to look for some distorted guitars… But no doubt there is a whole world I’d be missing out there if I wasn’t open-minded when my friend sent me this song… (hi Diego)

This song for instance… after giving it a few listens, everything fell into place and I realised the song is quite addictive!

The strong bass, strings, the background… It is rich and “fulfilling” for the lack of a better term. If the vocals were a bit more underground I would have been a big fan I, reckon.

When the lead chimes in after the rhythm guitars, it makes me go “wow” every fudging time. At around minute 4, the guitars pick up pace and the song ends with a powerful outro.
Last, but not least, I heard that the band has chosen to move their sound to slightly heavier pastures…. Yeah! Come to darkside! We DO have cookies!  

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