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The Mascaron

Hey folks! Recently found out about these guys and wanted to share with you right away!

The Mascaron are Latvian and British musicians in a joint project, representing the melodic progressive metal genre. The Mascarons’ full line-up consists of five experienced musicians: Phil Owen (vocals), Arturs Berzins (bass), Gints Grinbergs (guitar), Ivars Kalnins (guitar) and Inga Lavrena (synthesizer, electronics), which together create and produce the bands’ sound. All members are experienced musicians with similar backgrounds of other local and international music projects while the idea and vision of creating music has brought together these creative personalities.

They have released their first single, Out of Time, and I can tell you it is brilliant! If you like a melodic, very heavy and aggressive sound with good progressive flair, you are welcome!

Now actively working on a debut EP, which is scheduled for publication in early 2013. The mini album will contain up to six melodic and progressive metal-specific pieces which will bring serious vocal singing with spacious melodies, djent-style grooves and riffs, as well as other interesting musical experiments. Consequently, the band are planning to release yet another single to continue their musical theme and ideas, as well as playing at shows and festivals in the near future.

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to their debut EP. You can listen to the song here or download a free MP3 just by liking their Facebook page here. Enjoy!

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