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Hey folks!

I am here today to let you in on a development that made Lady a very happy camper! From the minds of great musicians, Alpha Flood emerges!
Now, “who are these great musicians?” you ask. Get ready for it… Alpha Flood features musicians from – Frost*, Pain of Salvation, Threshold, Darkwater and The Neal Morse Band… What?!!
Yes, indeed… I was literally jumping up and down from excitement first I saw the line up! We’re in for a treat! Aaaah, 2013 is looking pretty sweet already…

So, specifically, who is going to blow our minds?

“As soon as we started writing music together it was obvious that there’s an awesome chemistry between us. And rest assured, this is not a one-album project, but a band that’s here to stay!”

The brainchild, Dec Burke (vocals & guitars, from Frost* and Darwin’s Radio). This bloke blew me away – his work with both bands and his solo stuff are just great. Brilliant musician! Dec, who is also a gemini, like the Lady herself, forever earned a place in my heart with the catchy melodies and the great lead and back vocals!

“We can’t wait to bring this music to the stage and kick some serious ass!”

Kristoffer Gildenlöw (bass guitars, from The Shadow Theory, Dial, Neil Morse, and Pain of Salvation) really impressed me with his blaring bass lines and tapping work on the Epysode’s first album, Obsessions. His all work is great for that matter. What a brilliant choice!

“To be asked to form a band with these musicians was a true honour. Years ago I used to play along to their songs, imagining how it would be to be in a band with them. And now here we are. I’m thrilled!”

Simon Andersson (guitars, from Darkwater, Pain of Salvation, and Outshine) comes with a certified badass bass-work from Pain of Salvation and Darkwater. Now, with these awesome blokes, he’s picking up the guitar again. Can’t wait to see!

“I wasn’t looking to join another band but when I heard the music it was so compellingly beautiful that I couldn’t resist.”

Richard West (keyboards, Threshold) is a keyboardist and a songwriter I really admire. March of Progress is blowing my mind!!! He backs the whole thing so beautifully when setting the feel and delivers great lines when he leads!

“While I was finishing my Affector album Dec called to ask if I would be interested in joining his new band. Being a fan of Dec’s music, I jumped in without hesitating.”

Collin Leijenaar (drums, from Affector, Dilemma, and Neal Morse) just recently gave me the chills with Affector. He both nails the restless, furious double bass work and the soulful fills…  Really great at tempo, key and mood changes too…  He seems to be keep collaborating with great musicians to boot – how can I complain?!

Now, forming a band is not an easy task… Putting together a supergroup like this one… It must be way harder! And let me emphasise, this is not a project, this is a band… They are here to stay!

Now, these blokes with amazing track records and their name on very varied masterpieces will surely experiment and toy with different ideas as they all have got so much to offer… That’s the biggest upside of a supergroup – diversity, extreme talent and richness = WIN!

As a prog-head who has a constant craving for heaviness, I am of course hoping to see some aggression and heavy guitars – and Dec’s words are promising that we will see some heavy.

I had the desire to form a band that would combine modern progressive rock and metal elements with more song-oriented music.

I like every word in that sentence!!! Sounds like a great recipe don’t you think? Progressive rock and metal baked into an exciting meal of tasty music! Dec has put out high quality pop oriented prog pieces, hasn’t he? I can see them pulling catchy tunes and making it into an impeccable recipe.

Yes, yes, I do look forward to hearing the results of this brilliant collaboration. You will definitely see a review on these pages once the album is out and why not, maybe an interview too as I’ve got many questions in mind… The biggest one being whether there will be a concept. Yes, this is a shameless request for an interview 😀

More on Alpha Flood can be found here on Dec’s site and here on Facebook.



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