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Happy Holidays – TSO/Promises To Keep

I’m gonna take a break from my stretch of posts regarding Alpha Flood, for some Christmas spirit.  There’s only one band that I listen to at Christmas time, and it’s the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I was never a Savatage fan, but once I got a listen to TSO, I fell instantly in love.  I’ve seen the TSO tour every year since 2007, and it is something to behold, a visual and sonic feast for the senses.  If you’ve never seen them, I highly recommend doing so if you ever have the chance.  Their three Christmas inspired albums (Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, and The Lost Christmas Eve) are in constant rotation in the Jingle household this time of year, and this is one of my favorites.  Ironically, while this bootleg clip is from my locale (Toronto), this was before I was a fan, and not a show that I attended.

One of the things I love about TSO, is that 1 dollar for every person in attendance is donated to a local charity, and they’ve raised a lot in their history.  For the decade 2000-2010, they were the 25th highest grossing concert tour world-wide (up there with the likes of Paul McCartney, Metallica and Aerosmith).  All the more impressive, as they usually only toured from November to January – but, with two touring groups covering each coast of North America, they packed in over 700 shows (more than 300 sold out) in that decade, in front of over 5 million people.

From 2003, I give you Jennifer Cello at the mic.  If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, warm your spirit, or a chill in your soul (in a good way), then I’ve got nothing that ever will.

Happy Holidays from me, the lady and the whole LO team!!!

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