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Alpha Flood – Simon Andersson (Darkwater) / A Fools Utopia

Part 4 of the introductions to the members of Alpha Flood brings us to the gee-tars, and Simon Andersson.  At 22 years old (and just, as of a month ago), this kid has a pretty impressive resume under his belt already.  He took over the bass duties for Pain of Salvation after Gildenlow’s departure, and performed on the live album/DVD The Second Death of Pain of Salvation.  However, it’s his playing on Darkwater’s Where Stories End that we want to focus on today.

The multi faceted and multi talented Swedish musician’s work on this album is solid, lending his finger work to a very strong rhythm section (along with Tobias Enbert on drums).  Andersson leads off this track with a crisp, dark (unsurprisingly), melodic, metal, and pounding bass line, and carries that through for the next 5 minutes and 44 seconds of your day.  Whether in the background to pull the melody, or right up front pushing the melody along, Andersson’s bass line is very prominent in this track, only occasionally superseded by the keys or the guitar.

It will be very interesting to see what he can pull off on guitar in Alpha Flood – but based on the below practice video, it ought to be pretty sweet!

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