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Today, I am with Wyland for another Q&A Session. They are an alternative rock trio from New Jersey. The band is quite new, they were formed in early 2013 and they are not yet signed. The band members are Ryan Sloan on vocals and guitars, Pablo Techera on the piano, and Aaron Richman on the drums. Wyland, in their own words, “hone a mixture of introspective ambient rock with cinematic textures.”

Now, without further ado…

Lady Obscure: Hi guys. Could you give me a bit of the band’s background? How did you guys meet up? You know, how the journey started, what the members were doing before…

Wyland: Well, we started playing music together during high school. At first it was hobby but as the years progressed, we grew more and more passionate about playing together. We worked hard on improving as musicians. We realized that as the Internet world expanded and grew that we needed to as well. So we focused on learning the technological side to music as well as the performance side.

Lady: So, there are many different styles out there that can be called alternative rock. How do you describe yours? What road lead you there?

Wyland: We chose to write songs that are anthemic yet beautiful. We wanted to compel our audience by taking them into a different environment, one separate from their everyday lives. By not categorizing ourselves into a specific genre, we feel that we have total freedom as songwriters to expand our sound.

Lady: How did your musical themes evolve? You have an intriguing approach.

Wyland: With recording/songwriting technology expanding, we feel that we can easily let our imagination and creativity flow. As avid Ableton and Komplete users, we have fun creating sounds and textures that are both original and contemporary.

Lady: Are you happy with the product? I mean, what aspect of it do you think you guys nailed, and what parts do you think you could improve upon?

Wyland: As of now, we’re very happy with the songs we wrote. You know, not only do we feel like they could be on the radio but we feel like they’re good lyrically and musically. We know nothing is perfect but with time, we’ll keep improving.

Lady: How has the overall reception been to your music?

Wyland: Pretty good. We had a quick boom with Facebook likes 🙂

Lady: Is the band going to get more involved in performing live at some point? What’s next? Album? Touring? Any international tours?

Wyland: We plan on writing. We’re not especially focusing on putting together an album just yet, because we don’t want to commit to one type of sound or genre. Instead, we plan on experimenting and expanding with singles, EPs, film and photography.

We’re excited about performing live. We plan on giving our fans something they won’t forget.

Lady: Thanks guys!

So, more about Wyland? Click here for their Soundcloud, here for their Reverbnation and here for their official site.

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