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Hatriot – Heroes of Origin

Thrash metal vocal legend Steve Zetro Souza is back with a vengeance with his new band Hatriot. Zetro is best known for being the lead vocalist of Bay Area thrashers Exodus. For Exodus fans that miss Zetro’s distinct vocal style (I’ve always likened him to being the “Bon Scott of thrash), you will be quite pleased with the ten tracks on “Heroes of Origin”. While not reinventing the thrash genre, the album has many fun and familiar moments. Kicking things off in fine fashion is Suicide Run which has elements of Judas Priest’s classic “Painkiller”. Given the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, the unfortunately titled “Weapons of Class Destruction” subject matter deals with the Columbine massacre. Musically, the track has all the old school elements of Testament and Exodus. Murder American Style borrows from Megadeth’s “Hanger 18” and Shadows of the Buried is reminiscent of Slayer’s classic “Seasons in the Abyss”.

“Heroes of Origin” is not a perfect album, but it is most definitely a headbanging and fun listen. If you are like me and the newer, more “metalcore” direction of the Rob Dukes fronted version of Exodus is not your cup of tea, then Hatriot will definitely appeal to all of you old school fans of classic Exodus and Bay Area thrash movement of the 1980’s.

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