Star One – Earth That Was

Hey people!

Today, I’ve got a wonderful song handpicked for your enjoyment from amongst beautiful projects of a very brilliant musician… Yes, I’m talking about the Dutch musician, vocalist, and composer Arjen Lucassen…

All of his work, without fail, I find very tasty! Lucassen is not only the mastermind behind these projects but with each song, he also gives the audience a wonderful show of musicianship… Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Ambeon and Star One – our pick for today – all bear his signature. All of these projects offer brilliant atmospheres, mind blowing riffs and solos, impressive vocals and expert drumming and keyboarding.

Lucassen projects never fail to deliver!

Star One is the heaviest of these projects – and I’m sure you are surprised to see that I started from the heaviest… Right. No? 🙂

The song I picked for you has two very good vocalists singing, Rusell Allen and Damian Wilson! The album also features Dan Swanö and Floor Jansen.

My good friend JBoy has written an album review for Victims of the Modern Age and you can find it under the album reviews.

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