Arcturus – Nightmare Heaven

From Norway, they’re related to Winds. The drummer on this album is also in Winds, and Winds also has an ex-member of Arcturus.

Arcturus has two major eras in the band, both good, and this is the second form of the band. You’ll hear much cleaner vocals in this music, and the lyrics are no longer just about evil, but more contemplative like Winds. The album this comes from is absolutely brilliant, and I’m a little surprised they aren’t more well known in our forum [LadyObscure: the Dream Theater forums]. The Sham Mirrors is often mentioned as one of the pinnacle albums for avant-garde metal.

Why this song? Well, the middle section is very memorable, and then they go nuts on the end of the song. Maybe Kinetic and Star-Crossed are stronger, but this song just hits a great dark groove, and those airy guitars work wonders in contrast.

By Yorost

 There is an interesting sadness and darkness to this tune. The bloke’s style fits so well into the atmosphere… Vocals go crazy near the end and if you have been paying enough attention, you suddenly find yourself in a different world… I liked it a lot!

It has some of the elements I like from electronic music to boot – a very good combination!

 Lady Obscure

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