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Alberto Rigoni releases “Kikazaru” official video

Alberto Rigoni releases the video of “Kikazaru”, instrumental song from his latest album “Three Wise Monkeys” released by Any and All Records in October 2012, which was recently reviewed by our beloved Rocio.
To quote her:

“Alberto Rigoni named and composed this album basing it on an old Japanese proverbial principle. The original names of the three wise monkeys are Mizaru (who sees no evil) Kikazaru (who hears no evil) and Iwasaru (who speaks no evil), each one of them is represented with an instrumental song on the album. The meaning of this proverb is hard to say, because it is interpreted in several ways. To the intellectual elite, the three wise monkeys were related to the philosophical and moral code Santai, but among the people the meaning was something like to ‘surrender’ to the system, a code of conduct recommending prudence not to see or hear injustice, or express one’s dissatisfaction.”

 The song, explains Rigoni, is characterized by multi layered bass tracks.  And here is Rocio’s take on the song:
“Kikazaru is the instrumental song that represents the monkey who hears no evil. The brilliant bass work of Rigoni is the most lighting star in this sky, and its composition pleasantly shows the influence of Japanese music in Rigoni himself, solemnity and humble submission are printed on each note. Like listening to Edith Piaf’s songs one is immediately transported to a romantic parisian night, while listening Kikasaru one is lifted and transported gently to a sort of old japanese town, honorable and magical. I know Edith Piaf has nothing to do with Rigoni’s music, but what I want to explain is that there are just few artists in this world that are able to reach your heart in such a direct and special way.”

The video, directed by Riccardo Ali, also features the cosplayer Gloria Graziati “Sweet Angel” , wearing a 100 years old kimono. Mang! I want one!!!

Enjoy the video folks!


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