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Flaming Row – Unearth the Truth

You will probably see concept albums often on here as I tend to love them… Today, I am giving you a song from a powerful German Rock Opera… Elinoire is a project initiated by Martin Schnella, the bass guitar player and vocalist, along with Kiri Geile, vocalist. Rest of the Flaming Row line-up includes keyboard player and saxophonist Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile and others) and drummer Niklas Kahl.

Some of the other important names involved in this masterpiece are Gary Wehrkamp and Brendt Allman of Shadow Gallery, Billy Sherwood (Ex-Yes, Circa, World Trade) and Jimmy Keegan (Spock’s Beard). The album also features a truckload of very well chosen vocalists.

If you love your modern prog, you are in for an amazing treat…

It is not fair to say what they do is only prog rock, though. Their work encompasses a wide variety of genres from power ballads, mainstream rock, metal and even alternative rock…

The whole album is absolutely amazing but I’m giving you only a little taste of this delicious journey… Of course, it could be the case that you have got to be me to name an album revolving around death, doubt, darkest recesses of the mind, spirit and forgiveness, as delicious… Elinoire tells the story, nay, tragedy, of a young English family…

The theme is deep and thrilling although it is not the only thing to the album. Musically, it is very rich and fulfilling. Amazing riffs and guitar solos – and Kiri’s vocals, wow, very vertigo-inducing! Of course, it is worth mentioning here that the person behind this detailed story and so the lyrics is Kiri.

All in all, Schenella brings to us a very impressive combination of musicians and a brilliant album. Flaming Row is very good progressive rock and it also improves upon the concept making their every tune enjoyable and refreshing.

‘Unearth the Truth’ is the 15th track in the album – which has 18 tracks so it is further down the story line. SPOILERS AHEAD: Before this, we learn that Lea and Adam Baldwin were a very happy family of two living in prosperity. However, things take a dark turn when Lea dies giving birth to their daughter, Elinoire. Adam considers their daughter Elinoire to be responsible of his wife, Lea’s death. However, as the name of the track implies, we learn that there is more to Lea’s death than it would appear.

My dear friend Jingle.boy, who introduced me to this album once said “It is absolutely criminal that this album has gone un-noticed” and I wholeheartedly agree… So, to right some of this wrong, here I am introducing you to this absolute gem…

By the way, Flaming Row will be playing live for the first time in 2012. Check out our news about the band here

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