Revontulet is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Moscow, Russia. “Revontulet” is the Finnish word for Northern Lights – literally “Fox Fire”. The music of Revontulet combines enchanting mezzo-soprano vocals of Alexandra, powerful rhythm sections, complex orchestral arrangements and catchy melodies.

Bio: Revontulet started to work on their debut album last summer and now they are more than halfway through the recording. For the time being, they have three internet-singles released from the upcoming album.

Alexandra Revontulet (vocalist): For me this journey began a long time before the band was actually formed. I wrote my first song at the age of 14 and I had been dreaming of my own band ever since.  After few years of studying music, sound producing and classical vocal, I found the courage to gather the band. So I posted an ad on one of the most popular Russian music sites.

Sergey Zorg (drums): And I posted my ad there too.  At that time I played in other band. But I always wanted to play in a band with a female vocalist, so I was looking for a symphonic or gothic female-fronted band.

Alexandra: So that’s how the first line-up was formed. It changed many times. Nowadays only Sergey and I are the original members of Revontulet.

Genre: Alexandra: I don’t think I “chose” this genre. I’d say that’s the way I feel the music, the way I hear it in my head when I write it.

Sergey:  As I said before, I always loved female-fronted bands. I also like symphonic music, but it’s sometimes tiresome, so the metal part makes it more attractive.

Ideas about the album: Alexandra:  It’s too early to judge because the full-length album is not finished yet. But I’m sure that the symphonic part will be great! As to improvement, well, every musician always thinks that he could play just a little bit better J

Evolution of musical and thematic elements: Alexandra:  Well, it’s a hard thing to say… I believe that inspiration is the most important thing, and I guess, nobody really knows how this state appears… That is the moment when I hear a melody in my mind, and I then I try to catch it and make it sound as close to that idea as possible.

Sergey:  Then we start working on the rhythm section, and step by step, the song takes its final form.

Lyrics and themes: Alexandra: Well, I suppose, there are basically only three themes to write about: life, love and death. And any combination of them.   

Reception: Alexandra: For the time being we’ve received a very positive feedback. But, as I mentioned above, we have to wait until the release of the debut album to draw conclusions.

Preference; live or studio: Alexandra:  I think, both of them are exciting. But I personally prefer to be on studio. That’s more naturally for a soundman in me J

Sergey: These are two interrelated processes, it’s  impossible to do the one without the other.

Next step; live or studio: Alexandra: We’re going to perform some gigs in the next months in Moscow.  And we surely will play an on-line concert for our international fans again! So stay tuned for the updates!

Sergey: And feel free to invite us to your country! We’ll consider all offers! 😉

Future plans: Alexandra: Interesting question! The debut album, then composing new stuff, then the second album… and so on! Also I dream about making a live DVD with a real orchestra…

Composers: Alexandra: I write all the music and lyrics, and in addition, I make the symphonic arrangements and mixing of the album.

Inspirations: Alexandra: When I was younger, mostly Nightwish and Lacrimosa. Now I’m interested in classical and neoclassical music.

Sergey: I like very different music: from Metallica, Pink Floyd, Theatre of Tragedy to Wagner and Bach.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Alexandra: Actually, I don’t think about the reaction of the audience. I just create the music trying to make it beautiful, in hope that people will love it.

Sergey: Both are important. You have to write and play music you like. It’s great if this music finds the audience!

Greatest Accomplishment: Alexandra: It’s yet to come! J

Sergey: When I went into the woods, cut down a branch and made my first drumsticks!

Anything else? Thanks for the interview! Thanks to all our fans and supporters! Check out latest updates on our FaceBook and Official Site.

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