Bio: Uvha was created in July, 2009, formed by Maximiliano Faldutti as the lead singer, Brian Taylor in guitars, Nicolás Fernández plays the bass and Guillermo Salort in drums. It was formed in the city of Rafaela (Santa Fe province). Since our beginnings, we have been able to tour Argentina playing our music, we participated and won several national competitions and we could stage many shows together with well-known and respected bands from our country. Besides, we have had the chance to edit a CD that is also available here.

Genre: As a band, we never intended to play any particular genre, it has just developed as a result of the several musical influences that each member has. Our musical genre could be thought as alternative rock. We play songs that mingle bright and sweet moments together with dark and aggressive ones, always taking care of the melody and its climate. In our show, we enjoy making covers of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, among many other bands and artists we truly admire.

Ideas about the album: We are very pleased and happy about what we’ve created. Anyway, we still think there are lots of things to go through and learn, and we believe that luckily this will never end.

We are looking forwards to starting our second album because we think it will show the evolution in sound and song quality that both the band and its members have experienced since the release of the first one. Some songs from this second album were filmed and recorded live in an actual living room, that is why we decided to name it “Living sessions”, and it can be seen here.

Reception: The reception’s been great. We really love the fact that our audience responds in such a positive way in every show in every city we play at, and it makes us really happy.

Preference; live or studio: We believe that being in the studio is something we enjoy when we can see the results and, though the process is sometimes pretty tiring, it is always thrilling and exciting to record and listen to the songs from that angle. On the other hand, being on the road is something we truly enjoy, as we always have such a great time and we get the chance to meet new people, other bands and artists.

Next step; live or studio: We are working on our second studio album and it is to be launched on December this year. Besides, we have booked several shows to be performed in different parts of Argentina.

Inspirations: Most of our songs are based on personal experiences. We try to tell them in a poetical way, so they lead to a free interpretation which we find interesting due to the fact that any person who listens to our songs may assimilate the lyrics with their own life experiences.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: What actually matters to us is to play music WE find interesting, that our songs can be felt and enjoyed by any person, either if they listen to rock music or not. We want people to listen to our music on the radio and be instantly trapped in it.

Want to read more about them? Here are their FaceBoook page, Twitter, YouTube and BandCamp links!

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