David Foster

Bio: David Foster is a Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist and he is currently unsigned.

Born in Bermondsey, South London David Foster later moved out to North Hertfordshire where he grew up. David expressed a big interest in music from a very young age and eventually got his first guitar when he was eight. David had always shown a love for guitar music and some of his earliest influences were the likes of Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones), Jimi Hendrix and in particular Johnny Winter; whose live version of Johnny B Goode became somewhat of a trade mark for David as a youngster which ultimately led to his first public performance at the age of eleven.

David started to pursue his aspirations of being a Singer/Songwriter at the age of thirteen when he began actively writing songs for his first band; formed in early September 2006. Around this same time David would spend his Saturday’s learning music technology in the local music school and it was here where he discovered a love for recording and producing music.

In the years 2008-2011, aside from his educational obligations, David actively toured as the lead guitarist of a Chicago blues band. In this three year stint he received high acclaim at many festivals and shows across the UK.

Although growing up predominantly playing the electric guitar, David is also classically trained.

I began playing the guitar at the age of 8 and was performing live from a young age.  I began writing songs in my teens and my lyrics and vocal delivery have progressed with age over the years since.  For a while, I was touring as lead guitarist with a Blues band and it was this that really helped me learn my trade. Since then, I have been playing with my own band, promoting my own material.  I currently perform live both with my band and acoustically as an individual.

Upon leaving full-time education David has taken time to write more music and now has a catalogue of over fifty original songs. He is currently based at “The Roost” Studio where he continues to write and produce music.

David continues to develop and refine his music and looks to continue to grow in all aspects of his career.

Currently David performs live as a solo artist and with his Trio delivering his brand of Rock n Roll music.

Genre: It is hard to pigeonhole my music as it draws from so many influences.  I would say that I am mostly inspired by great artists of the past such as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green … that’s to name just a few.  I love a lot of great music from many different genres and eras, but there is just something about rootsy guitar music that has always captured my imagination.

Musical and thematic elements: I was influenced by great music of the 60’s and 70’s growing up.  I had my father’s music collection to go by.  Fortunately I met other musicians with the same musical upbringing, so together we were all reading off of the same page. This, combined to listening to music of our current generation has resulted in our form of contemporary rock and roll music.

Lyrics and themes: There is no real concept behind the lyrics, they are very subjective, song by song.  I tend to focus on what I could see myself as a member of the audience being able to sing along to.  I think simplicity is key.

Ideas about his work: I think overall I am happy with the product.  I think my songs have a lot of energy and most importantly, choruses that people can sing along to.  It is important that I can translate this live energy on to my records which with the musicians that I am surrounded by, I feel confident I can do.  For any musician, I think it is important to improve all the time in every aspect of your craft.  There are so many great artists out there, so you can be learning all the time.

Reception: Fortunately, the reception’s been great!  People seem to like the songs and live performances have been met with real good feedback and enthusiasm.  The fan base seems to grow with every gig, so everything is moving in the right direction.

Preference; live or studio: Both are exciting for different reasons.  The studio is great as it is a long creative process which is very rewarding when it comes to fruition.  Being on the road is just simply a lot of fun.  It is good to get out and see new places and play to new crowds.

Next step; live or studio: I have been in the studio for a little while, writing and recording new material with the aim of releasing a couple of singles along with a supporting EP/album (yet to be announced officially).  There will be tour dates announced very soon, so stay tuned to the website.

Future plans: It is hard to say, you have to take each day as it comes.  The main strategy is to become a global act and be able to sustain a lifelong career in music.  If I continue to keep writing music and building my fan base, then I will remain optimistic that I can achieve this.

Composers: I write the lyrics and write the music, but it really is the band that complete the formula.

Inspirations: There are far too many to list…  All great bands/icons from the 60’s/70’s right through to the present i.e. the obvious candidates: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones right through to Kings of Leon.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: It is important that you can engage an audience, however, it is also important to stay true to what it is you love doing.  If you can find a way of achieving both, you are doing something right.

Greatest Accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment would simply have to be being fortunate enough to have gained the confidence to write songs and perform them live to crowds of people.  It is satisfying to know that people admire your work.

Want to read more about him? Visit David’s official site!


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