Bio: Headless is a Heavy Metal band formed in the early 90’s.

At a very young age the band released the self-produced e.p. Future To Past and then in 1998 the full length album entitled Inside You,
distributed worldwide by 99th Floor. During those years Headless performed in Italy supporting more established metal acts.

The band then disbanded in 2000. The two guitar players and main songwriters reunited in 2011, starting working to new songs.

In 2013 the band releases the new album Growing Apart (Lion Music) with an amazing line-up:
Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) on voice and Scott Rockenfield’s (Queensrÿche) drumming.

Dario: In the 90s Headless were like a small business, the typical metal band of teenagers in a provincial town. You know even at the time we were very determined so within a few years we managed to release two CDs and open for more established metal acts. Of course, when we hit our 20’s we disbanded to find a real job. (laughters) The two of us (myself and Walter) went on to become professional  musicians, however at the beginning we had two separate careers. In 2008, we created an educational project for rock guitar that has been pretty successful here in Italy. After a break of 15 years we have a new album out now:  “Growing Apart”. The band  line-up nowadays is: Goran Edman (former Y.J.Malmsteen band and John Norum band) on vox, Walter Cianciusi & Dario Parente on guitars.  All songs on the new album “Growing Apart” are shaped and arranged around the super class drumming performed by Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche).

Genre: Dario: Musically ”Growing Apart” is a mix of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive elements and also a little bit of heavier stuff. It’s all about our love for melodic metal! We did not want to give a modern twist to our sound this time around; we told personal and current stories by using the type of music with which we grew up, the heavy metal of the 70s and especially the 80s and 90s. If you’re a fan of Queensryche, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Metallica and Fates Warning you’ll like the album, at least we hope so!

Initial musical and thematic elements: Walter: Since we played together for so many years and know each other very well, we try to filter out good musical ideas effortlessly. Lyrically there is a main subject matter in the songs:  according to psychology the” Growing Apart” is the reason why relationships come to an end.  We analysed how relationships between friends, lovers, man and God, change and get destroyed through the years. It is not a topic that we deliberately decided to discuss, probably this was what we really needed to express because at some point of writing the album we realized that all the songs spoke of how relationships work or do not work at all.

Reception: Walter: It’s still too early to draw conclusions; however, the reviews from all parts of the world are all very positive.

Next step; live or studio: Walter: We are planning a small European tour for the autumn of 2013. We are still negotiating with several booking agencies. We’d like to open for established bands.

Future plans: Dario: We would like to get great exposure and then get back in the studio. New doors are opening for us; we are experiencing a positive moment so we have high hopes. We’re really working on full cylinders!

Composers: Walter: Myself and Dario, we really like to write everything together, this way it’s easier to follow the right path avoiding self-indulgence and stuff…  You know, we control everything in the writing process so at the end of the day we’re always satisfied of the way the songs turn out! Scott Rock’s drumming really pushed us towards a refined musical direction and Goran has his own way of phrasing and his peculiar style about vocal harmonies. Anyway the two of us, the core members of the band, wrote the songs.

Inspirations: Walter: Queensryche obviously, we’re collectors of the band, we have almost everything they released : singles, lps, side projects and rarities. Playing on Scott’s patterns has given us a little bit of the Queensryche mood! Judas Priest and Black Sabbath are the most proficient metal bands to us, so they’re influences too! We have a huge record collection, we love and play a lot of different rock music from pretty much the rock and roll of the 50’s to the ultimate alternative rock band or metal core outfit!

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Dario: Music is our lives! We love everything about music, I think the most important thing is having the possibility to sit down and practice or writing and play gigs… You know we feel unbelievably fortunate to make a living out of music.

Greatest Accomplishment: Dario: Yeah, this is strictly connected to the last question, I mean,  having the possibility to make a living out of music it’s quite  an accomplishment in itself, It’s ten years now that we live this way so we feel so fortunate about it. The new record featuring the aforementioned metal stars represents the ice on the cake!

You can order a limited edition of their album at their official website! More about them can be found at Lion Music, their Facebook Page, their Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud

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