Trance Lucid

Bio: The core of the band has always been myself (Dave Halverson, guitar) and Terry Lee, drums.  The other members have changed over the years.  Terry and I have known each other since we were about 7 years old, we lived in the same neighborhood growing up.  We were in our first band together in high school, a metal cover band.  After a number of years not playing together, we created Trance Lucid as a band in 1995 to perform music I had started recording a couple years earlier.

Genre: Instrumental art rock/progressive/jazz fusion are all styles that allow full development of the music without the need for vocals.  The reason I liked metal was always the guitars, and so when my musical tastes expanded beyond just metal, I focused on instrumental music because it expressed a lot better for me without the questionable vocals or lyrics.  And I generally prefer listening to instrumental music because it doesn’t hide behind vocals, and it’s not there to serve vocals in the first place.

Ideas about the album: We are very happy with our recordings, especially ‘Palace of Ether’, and people have said they like it too.  It is definitely a step further forward for the band.

Themes and concepts: It really depends on what is inspiring me at the moment as to what direction the music takes.  The bulk of ‘Palace of Ether’ is the 32-minute title piece which has a mystical theme and some archaic imagery.  Having a concept in mind has a very direct effect on the choice of instrumentation, sounds, and textures.

Preference; live or studio: I enjoy recording more than performing live, for me it is a much more creative process, and I can do it all day.  I write the music for Trance Lucid, but everyone adds their own touches to the recording.

Next step; live or studio: The band has not performed in several years, there are a few obstacles to us doing so immediately, not all being in the same place, etc.  I am someone who is always recording something, so I can envision Trance Lucid at least continuing in that form.  I am currently working on my own projects and also some projects with other people.

Inspirations: Speaking for myself, there are many musical inspirations…guitar players such as Joe Pass, Al DiMeola, George Lynch, Eric Johnson, Wes Montgomery, but also bands such as Rush, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Fishbone, Missing Persons, and many others.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: For me, it’s all about the expression of the music for its own sake.  People can like it if they want, and I hope they do appreciate it, but I cannot alter the creative process with the hope of more people understanding or liking the music, that would stop feeling genuine pretty fast.

More about Trance Lucid? Visit their official page! Dave’s official page is also here!

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