Collateral Damage album out: The Carnival

After the astonish show of 24th May in Rome, where Collateral Damage performed live their new studio album, we’re proud to announce the official release of The Carnival: the album will available worldwide starting from 21st June 2013 through digital markets, distributed as an exclusive for  Spider Rock Promotion. The physical version will be available through Spider Rock Promotion Shop as well the band’s official site.

“The Carnival”, is the second studio album by Collateral Damage, coming after a first pure heavy metal episode, and is a cross between 80s hard rock and classic heavy metal.

The Carnival” is a concept album that takes the listener in a large circus tent where everyone can confront his own fears and foibles.

The title track opens: a song of pure hard rock, very direct, which emphasizes the band’s change in style. Soon after we find “Drug Me To Hell” and “Billion Dollar Jail”, again in the ’80s hard rock style melodies with very direct choruses that come into your head at first listen.

The first ballad of the album comes with the fourth track, “Seven.00”, a song telling of a prisoner in death row in his last hours of life, a ballad purely 80s.

We’re back with another trio of tracks, “Touch The Fire“, “Mad Avenue” and “Shoot to the Fog“, which are more reminiscent of the sound of the first record, with more insistent rhythms and melodies that look much more towards the late ’80s heavy metal, more structured and faster.

Vision“, the only instrumental track on the disc, is the intro to the second ballad, “One Way To Nirvana“, symphonic piece that talks about how each of us can redeem himself, even after a lifetime of madness and devastation.
“If The World” closes the album with a very powerful and fast-paced riffing, asking the listener … “What would you do if the world should end tomorrow?”

The Carnival” has been recorded in Zenith Recordings in Lucca, Italy under Frank Andiver‘s direction.

Must have for the fans of 80’s hard rock as Alice Cooper and W.A.S.P. along side with classic heavy of Saxon, Judas Priest and Accept.

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