Bio: Hey, I’m Jorge, I started the band in 2005 playing with some friends, Juan Diego and others, and then I made my solo work with Eshtadur, 4 years ago I meet Wilmer and Supa, the guitar players. I started playing drums, then I composed all guitars and music, now I’m actually composing all music and I’m singer in live shows also including keyboards.

Genre: I was always searching for a music that includes death metal with melodic and very dark, I wanted to mix death melodic with obscure melodies and symphonic black metal, it means to me just an experiment, I enjoy to write a lot of music, and I wanted to create something different, now in this new album “stay away from evil and get close to me”, I included death melodic, black and short passages of progressive metal core.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: I love so much the dark music, black melodic, old man’s child, ihsahn, so they are a big influence to me musically, about thematic, I just try to talk about the human existence, that we are free, and we have a great planet and we got to take care of that, stop going to churches and stuff, stop politics and dictators and take care of each other.

Ideas about the album: Well I’m a very lonely, quiet and shy person, I don’t talk too much with people, if I’m talking here is because I’m writing hehehe, so that, my English is not great, sometimes I make mistakes, and in the final production I tried to fix all and resolve grammatical mistakes in my lyrics, I think I have to develop my English, musically speaking, I’m proud and satisfied of what I wrote in these 9 songs, I was searching a mixture, short songs, sticky melodies and black metal guitars, a very clean vocals with deep guttural, I like it. Maybe I’m not 100% happy because there are people that are not prepared for that combination, or maybe there is people very radical and they could enjoy black, but will hate progressive metal core passages. even though I’m fine, I just tried to get listened from all metal fans, the thrash ones, death, black, modern metal, metal core, progressive all of them.

Reception: Most of them fine, everyone could find something inside the songs that they like.

People who enjoy melodic metal, or experimental metal, would love any song of the album.

But it is normal to find people (10%) that hates mixtures, hates modern metal.

Preference; live or studio: I think the combination of both, when you get finished an album, and exactly then, you have a tour.

Next step; live or studio: Well, we have to promote this new album, we are planning a south American tour, let’s see what happens.

Future plans: We have to work so hard, we can’t give up and we have to try all ways to being a successful band.

I have chances to go to Europe or north America next year, maybe I could find some musicians to play, or maybe my partners in Colombia could go with me.

Lyrics and themes: About lyrics everything is simple, I think about something common and then I think it metaphorical, religion, politics, society, war, pollution, I like to write very dark and mystic, while I’m thinking about the rhythm of singing.

In this album I have a song that I particularly wrote with anger, I was feeling hate, rancour, fury. And I wanted to scream out to the people, to the bad things that happen in every moment of our lives, 2 weeks before I lost my brother, and nobody was expecting anything like that. This song is “beyond the shadows”.

Composers: I always write the music and lyrics in Eshtadur.

Inspirations: Could be, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Vader.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: I like to play with my band, and create some music, I enjoy just that people could here Eshtadur, that all people get our music.

Greatest Accomplishment: When you are in another country and people really enjoy your concert and support the band, buy tickets, cd´s, t shirts, that means that everything you have done and you are fighting for, worth one’s while.

You can listen to their album here for free! Also, more about the band can be found on their Facebook Page, MySpace and Reverbnation

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