The Bukowski Family


Brutal metal with a soupcon of death, dash of grindcore and just a hint of rot. Bukowski Family case history is marred with such atrocities as cannibalism, perverted human dismemberment, general unpleasantness and musical ruthless massacre. Brace yourselves to see everything you deem precious torn apart and dragged out to the backyard to be burned in  a stinking pile of waste. If it is holy to someone, it surely can be defiled.

The Bukowski Family

No one knows from where did the Bukowski Family come from. They have been profiled as being of Hungarian heritage and living a nomadic life within the boundaries of North America. They give their current location as Shitsville, which could be anywhere for all we know. A farm somewhere in the deep south appears to be their  base of operations but this has never been found or pinpointed by the authorities.

Uncle Bukowski seems to be the person in charge of the Family, having grown the boys into his sick and twisted mindset doing horrible deeds to people just to “show them the ropes”. We do know their names if they are indeed their real names.

There is Herbert Bukowski, a sizeable person wearing a flayed human face to hide his visage in every photo seen  depicting him. They call him by the moniker Fats which probably is due to his size and cannibalistic tendencies. Another actively portrayed member is the elusive “Mimi” Bukowski whom has been profiled as a thin female or male also covering their identity by wearing a mask of dead skin. This Mimi person is constantly engaging in social media to attract more victims and seemingly very enthusiastic ones at that.

A curious duo are Frank and Roman Bukowski who apparently prowl unsuspecting female and male victims as a pair, “bringing food to the table” as they have referred to these night time ventures of the said duo. Frank seems to be a sort of a tinkerer that keeps the Family farm up and running technically. He has apparently imported this tinkering tendency to his slaying, perfecting ways of human destruction beyond comprehension. Roman can only be described as a shark in human disguise. The towering mute transsexual murderer is known to maim his victims by his teeth.

Wiktor Bukowski has seen a few armed conflicts in Europe and has been part of some undetermined army that has seen action in this conflicts yet his true identity remains unknown. Again, wearing human remains as a disguise, Wiktor also can be seen wearing a camo fatigues and army boots that suit his past.

The Family also holds a pet called Piggy. This man is probably a mentally very ill person suffering from a plethora of mental disorders and intellectual and linguistic retardation. Piggy Bukowski is a very dangerous human being with no empathy skills, no desire to abide by any laws or morals and is essentially the last member of the Family to attempt to reason with.

The Family has been musically active as a band since before 2010. At this point in time their first EPs were released and their activities have been made more known to the public. Who they really are remains a mystery. There have been rumours and some investigators have toyed with the possibility of the Family living perfectly normal lives blending into the society only to return to their horrifying past time when everyone least suspects.

“This is not a band, this is a death squad.”

MIMI: They found me… I love my family.

FATS: It all comes down to Uncle and how he groomed us into what we are today. Our father apparently was a weak shit and had to be weeded out to make our Family strong.

PIGGY: Uncle has been teaching His secrets for long time now and there’s still so much what we can learn from the master before Our graduation completed. Piggy thinks that one time Piggy got a smile from Uncle. You know, like he was….happy. Or high.


MIMI: What do you mean with the word genre? What is our genre? I don’t know. Everything is just us.

FATS: We don’t choose anything. We do what we want and find necessary for our existence. Everything else outside the Family can just go fuck themselves and wither and die. But we prefer they come to wither and die at our Farm!

PIGGY: Genocide is what We prefer! Animosity unites Us and makes strong…

Initial musical and thematic elements:

MIMI: Those just come…when the time is right. There will be moment of a silence and then you can hear the voices and the noises. That’s the moment when all begin.

FATS: The sounds around the Family Farm really inspire one to surpass previous creations! So some days we just listen to the squeaking Catherine Wheel do its slow rounds and adding to that the faint sobbing from the basement, now there’s the mood! Let’s write a new song! When death is in the air only imagination limits the creative process and you know what they say about sick minds? Sick minds lack imagination and perceive everything as real so there really are no boundaries to what we can perform in the reality you all experience.

PIGGY: This place is like a fucking jungle, there’s inspiring noises everywhere. Except the place We call the Silentiumination. There’s just so silent that you can hear your hair grow.

Lyrics,  themes and concepts:

MIMI: Fats and Piggy can tell more about these.. I’m starving here.

FATS: These are all stories from our Family Farm, what we do and who we do it with. Each song shares a precious moment from our lives with those who love delving deep into the shadow world outside mundane and trivial world of normality.

PIGGY: What to do with Diddley-bow when you gotta a Ho on a dollar show, And all wanna do to go like dang-ding-dinga-ling-long. With a bong. Piggy thinks that it’s easier the right something real than making things up, you know, something from Our world, what you see, what you hear and smell. When Piggy starts to write something fictional…it just so weird that it just shit. Fuck that. We like it real.

Ideas about the album:

MIMI: We always nailing down tapestries and shit like that and we always can improve everything. I don’t like sharp knives… I prefer old rusty one.  Producing catering by Bukowski Family style is something… you know what I mean.  That’s something.

FATS: Well, we did nail that one fucker to the Chair of Repentance using railroad spikes so there’s that. On the other hand, we have yet to perfect the old Family recipe for Hobo-Stew for Two. We always make too much of it and Roman starts throwing his plates to the walls somewhere around Thursday. Tall skinny fuck, doesn’t like eating the same shit for a week yet he could use some meat on his bones. Prick.

PIGGY: Yes Fats? What?  Piggy heard you calling… Piggy has nailed many. With or without a deadly force. What Piggy want to improve is the skill how to keep those sow-hos alive even for a week. They always broke when Piggys having a little hide-the-meat-seek-the-treat-game.


MIMI: I have a kitchen duties on every wednesday nowdays. Before it was on mondays, but now we have different rhythm you know.  Uncle and Fats are the masters at the kitchen. Maybe Fats can give some recipe to you? Fats what you think?

FATS: Yes! Our Family stew:


312 lbs Ground fat bitch

1/2 c Onion

1 Garlic clove minced

5 Fully grown Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” chilis

1 tb Flour

1 ts Salt

1/2 ts Ground kneecaps

1/2 ts Sugar

1 cn Tomato paste

1 c Water

2 cans of Kidney (Bean)s

Can of Tapeworms


1. Brown the ground fat bitch, onion and garlic. Add excess fat.

2. Stir in remaining ingredients. Mix well. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Drink moonshine.

3. Meanwhile, cook up those tapeworms and when the chili is done simmering, pour it over the tapeworms

4. Dig in, and go dig up something dead.

PIGGY: Now That’s what Piggy calls a Chili. Piggy wants to play around the kitchen but the other fuckers won’t let Piggy. So Piggy has it’s own recipe and own kitchen-kind-of in the Cage. Well, Piggy tels you guys anyway.

The Piggy’s Special Days TV-Dinner:

1 Fat bitch.

As many onions as Piggy can steal from the kitchen

Same goes with garlic, toast, and tomatoes.

10 or more beers

1 jacked off pornmag

A cucumber


And black pepper, salt, chili, any chili goes

A hint of basil

Why the fuck:

1. Take the fat bitch from the barn and into the basement. Lock the cage so she cannot escape. Muaahahahah. Sorry. Now stuff the bitch with fuck, as long as you like. Then when she is gurggling in “mayonese” and gasphing air, make her eat all the onions, garlic, toats and toes. And the tomatoes as well. Then take few beers and relax. Make the bitch read the porn out loud while shes masturbates with a cucumber. Drink the moonshine. When you think that shes ready to go, make her to throw up in a bucket. Sprinkle the pepper, salt, and chili on the bucket. Also the basil, but be carefull, the basil easily makes the taste weird. Give the bucket back to bitch. Make her eat. Enjoy. Repeat.

Preference; live or studio:

MIMI: Studio? Frank has kind of a place in this separated building at our farm where he doing all these fucking weird experiments all day long.

FATS: Mimi, Frank has a laboratory. I think Wiktor’s atelier could be described as a studio as well. He makes nice paintings and then shoots them. Human skin is a very durable canvas by the way! Music wise we do enjoy recording these miserable odes to suffering and because we do it all at home, at our Farm, it is almost like a vacation from all the flaying and eating, building torture devices and painting ourselves with shit.

MIMI: Laboratory…. memories..

PIGGY: Piggys been in a cage….Ou, you know Hulio too?! That guy is weird but harmless. Piggy met him in Mexico couple of years back. You wanna see his head?

Next step; live or studio:

MIMI: Family album.. shows will come public after we can be sure about……everything.

FATS: What Mimi said. No, really, what did she say?


Future plans:

MIMI:  I would say it looks same like the flashlight of the police officer who’s going first time in to the basement and seeing something what no one can’t ever imagine in their sick minds.

FATS: I read the question like What do you see for your furniture, and to be quite honest I found that question more interesting so I will answer that. I’m designing a new piece with Frank that will see a couch and a dinner table merged with a rocking chair. We will use 3 male and 2 female subjects to create a very cosy way of watching TV while having Family dinner and not forgetting Uncle!

PIGGY: Furniture? What’s that shit? How Piggy sees this furniture person…well hard to say. Never meet him/her…Piggy would maybe remember if Piggy knows what the hell is going around here!


MIMI: I’m getting inspired about our daily activities and some good old classical music.

FATS: Mimi has been a quite endless fountain of inspired torment that allows me and Piggy to vent our loving hatred of this world with torn pages of our journal as lyrics and tortured clamor as our singing.

PIGGY: Who is composting? Well fuck you fancypancy if you think that Piggy stinks…the Piggys odour may be little rank but thats just harsh… Fuck…


FATS: Glenn Miller’s In The Mood. I am always “in the mood”.

PIGGY: Michael Bolton’s anything.

MIMI: Shostakovich’s string quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110. part two Allegro molto is something what everyone should listen. But mostly I’m listening voices in my head..and at the farm.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: MIMI: If we have audience… we will have catering if you know what I mean?. Like I said to question earlier.. Catering by Bukowski Family style.  We need  some fat chicks by the way. Musical terror will be important as well…I would say equal with the catering.

FATS: I take pleasure in creation, everything else is a byproduct. If one can achieve satisfaction on so many levels by just going about his business then he is most certainly at the apex of his existence.

PIGGY: The Family. Anything else is shit.

Greatest Accomplishment:

MIMI: Everything.

FATS: Everything.

PIGGY: Complimentaries to the house.

Anything else?

MIMI: Who counting the days at the basement?? You know…fat chick goes like this like that.. she has no fingers..she has no toes..the fat chick goes…like this…like that..she has no eyes…she has no ears….this fat bitch goes..like this…like that..

On all fours… ON ALL FOURS….OF COURSE!!!!!!

FATS: Can I have your face?



Quest what’s in Piggys hand?

Any thoughts on this WIKTOR?


Want to know more about the Bukowski Family? Visit their Official Website, Facebook Page, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Reverbnation!

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