Stolen Babies

The first thing you’re likely to read about Stolen Babies is that they came out of large performance group, an apparently insane one at that.

Given their name and their music you have to think that group must have been so. It’s nutty metal, blending dark cabaret  in, a genre you might not even know had a scene until you find this group. When it comes to their songs, they remind a lot of Everygrey, doing their work in short bits instead of forcing overblown epics. This works well for them as they bounce in and out of ideas. They still offer aggressive approaches to songs, Gathering Fingers for instance, where a fairly quirky song overall is punctuated by big section about halfway through.

“Filistata” is a great introduction to their dark cabaret blend, but their music is not all that sound. Here’s a couple others which will help illustrate a larger picture of the band.

I mean this in as positive a manner as I can – I can’t shake the feeling that “So Close” reminds me of j-pop. It’s a smooth, energetic song with some cool drum and vocal work to start but the song slowly goes up a notch as everything builds throughout the song.

Almost an industrial sound to “Tall Tales”; the bass really gets some great spots in this song. It’s the back and forth that the rhythm section leads that makes the song memorable.

They’ve released a couple of EP’s and some single tracks over the years, but only one full length album thus far, “There Be Squabbles Ahead”, which I highly recommend!

A new album is coming, though.


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