King Carnage

KING CARNAGE band photoBio: Lending and restarting from the occult release: Ligeia ‘In Death Overshadow Thee’ 7″ EP 1996, KING CARNAGE is a disgusting evil hommage to the Grand Dark and all sinister power that forms its very depths. Main Influences are: Order From Chaos, Lord Diabolous, Morten ‘Slow Death’, Grotesque, Grave Demos, Abagail Demos.  Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh lends its bludgeoning might from such old carnal branches and has created an epic malice of devastating black death!

The 1st release, ‘Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh’ was a solo endeavor by myself, zE leFt haNd. I did all instruments, mixing production and graphic design.

I now have a drummer, Rotten Bliss. He is so underground-kvlt, that the bands he used to play in don’t even exist. King Carnage’s current existence stems from a demo I released in 1996 under the moniker Ligeia. We released a demo titled ‘In Death Overshadow Thee’. And that is indeed a very obscure fantastic demo. A lot of the ideas and philosophies of extremely heavy and dirty Black Death Metal were derived from that gem of a demo and reincarnated in ‘Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh’. Why did I bring such old ideas to the fore now? Well, why not? I felt it was time to reignite the fires of Death Metal and show those polished fancy fusion DM kiddies what Death Metal really is and should be.

Genre: I love Death Metal, I love Black Metal. The combination, i.e. Black Death Metal, is the ultimate expression of darkness.

Evolution of initial musical and thematic elements: Well, once you decide to embrace Black Death, the theme is really already in place. I speak of no certain philosophies, Satan, ‘anti-whatever’ or kiddie cult-shit-nonsense. KC is hate, malice and destruction of hypocrites, illusions, and myths that pervade in all of our lives.

Ideas about the album: I am extremely happy with Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh. I would say the execution on certain parts of the album could have been tighter, but for the most part, I don’t have any regrets. I only want to try different sounds for the next release. KC is dirty, filthy, heavy, pounding, and extremely evil music–a bit reminiscent of the demo trading days, but yet keeps an element of clarity, mainly because the guitars are so distorted and destructive. I didn’t want a mess. I wanted a distinct original sound that was clear cut but filthy and raw. I succeeded. So, no regrets, just celebration.

Reception: I would say 80% of the reviews and people with feedback say it is just amazing. 20% totally don’t get it and say it is boring or too raw for them. The latter 20% tend to be lovers of polished and fancy Metal, or shitty reviewers that don’t really even listen to the album, because if you say this album is typical and nothing special, you clearly haven’t really listened to it. The writing is something else, and FAR from typical Death Metal.

Future plans: My future looks grim..hehe. No, the future looks fine. I am passionate about creating quality original material that actually brings something new to the table, as all artists should. So, as long as I can manage that, my musical future seems bright and exciting.

Composers: That would be me.

Inspirations: I have been listening to Metal for several decades, so hard to say really.  For this last album, it would definitely be Order From Chaos, Mortem, Treblinka, Grotesque, Slaugther Lord, old Grave Demos, Abagial Demos, and Lord Diabolous.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: I write what I would want to hear when I want to listen to music. So the latter.

Greatest Accomplishment: I don’t really have a music career, so I don’t really know. Only time will tell.

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