Dead Awaken

Bio: Alright, Dead awaken started out as a bunch of Young guys, playing the Music they loved. At the time it was thrashy Death metal, with a strict war theme. I joined the band after a few months. A few years later, the band consists of me (Jörgen Kristensen, guitar and vocals, also recorded the bass on the album) and Drummer Mats Blückert. We’ve known each other for a looong time, both as friends and musically. We were in the same band for 10 years ’89-’99, so we know each other’s musical capacity. We’ve got a couple of session bass players that we hire for gigs. Dead Awaken started out in the spring of 2002.

The members were Andreas “Adde” Backström on guitars, Joakim Edlund on drums, Jonas Lindberg on guitars and Andreas Morén on vocals. The band was missing a bass player, but those army boots were soon filled by former ABHOTH guitarist/vocalist Jörgen Kristensen. Some gigs were played as a 5-piece and a demo was recorded, before there was time for a change.

Jörgen switched to his main instrument(s)- Guitar & vocals. Jonas had to leave the band, on good terms. Andreas Morén switched to bass and backup vocals. We kept gigging and entered the Gothenburg Deathfest bill, in 2005. On the bill were, among others Aborted and Insision. Soon after this show Adde decided to step out, due to a lack of interest in the genre. A few shows were played as a 3 piece, before adding guitarist Attila Hollsén to the line-up.

Only a couple of gigs were played with this line up, before original drummer Joakim left. Without a drummer, the band was in state of limbo for a few months. In early 2007 Jörgen’s old bandmate Mats “Masse” Blückert entered Dead Awaken and intense rehearsing began.

May 2007 the band went back onstage at local Festival Mälarrocken, with killer acts like Behemoth. Unfortunately this ended up being the last show with Attila, who left for personal reasons. A couple of guitarists were auditioned, before deciding that enough damage was done as a 3-piece. Not letting the change stop the tank, we went straight back into the trench and kept gigging. A few shows were done with Vomitory, before entering the studio, to record the debut album. During the recording, in the fall of 2010, the band decided to part ways with long term bass player Andreas. He wanted to focus on his other band Bleeding utopia.

Not intending to let this slow us down, Jörgen did all the guitar, bass and vocals in the studio. After all the studiowork was done, a deal was secured with Abyss records. Continuing as a 3-piece with session bass players Magnus Wall / Jonas Stålhammar (Both former ABHOTH members), the road was hit again, with labelmates Entrench. After a number of well recieved demo’s, it’s time to declare war upon the world, with the debut album “Where hope turns dripping red”

Genre: I didn’t choose this genre. It chose me, almost 25 years ago. It’s not a job, it’s not my hobby. It’s my Life, something I can’t live without.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: For some of us, the Music just is there. The lyric themes were natural, as everyone that’s ever been in a band has had a fascination for World War 2.

Ideas about the album: We’re happy with it. Anyone who’s ever released a demo/ full length album can tell you that there will Always be parts that  you could have done better, or differently.

Reception: It’s been great! Some people think we could be faster or more technical, breakdown this, old school that, bla bla bla. We play the kind of Death metal that we like ourselves. To us, Death metal is about honesty. So, playing a type of Death metal because it happens to be popular at the moment, is just bullshit. Just playing faster or more technical doesn’t automatically make it better or more brutal. The term breakdown has never been a part of my Death metal vocabulary. We’ve been doing this for 25 years and if people like it, great!

Preference; live or studio: I love both! But, the thrill of a good show is hard to match.

Next step; live or studio: We hope to get out on the road in the future. Got a few things coming up, but as nothing is confirmed, there’s no point in telling.

Future plans: I can see two 40 year old Death metal musicians Hammering things out for a long time to come. Got more songs written, which will become album #2. Looking forward to that!

Lyrics, themes and concepts: We’ve been doing the war thing for quite some time. We might be doing some of it in the future, but a couple of our fave bands are already doing it. (Hey, we already have one Bolt Thrower!) Getting more in the direction of the dark sides of the human minds. Hard to tell, each song is a different beast.

Composers: We write the songs together and I write all the lyrics.

Inspirations: Too many to mention! Pink Floyd, Motörhead, Suffocation, Napalm Death, Vomitory, Death, Pestilence, Dark Angel, Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Overkill, just to mention a few.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Of course we care what the crowd thinks, but we’re in this because we love it.

Greatest Accomplishment: Starting one of the earlier Swedish Death Metal bands (Abhoth) was cool. Playing with some of our fave bands is really cool. Releasing the album, of course.

Anything else? Keep our metal extreme! Check out our album and preferably buy it! 🙂

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