Jam with Semantic Saturation!

Musicians will have access to download WAV files of both isolated instrument Stems and Backing Tracks from the original record, for all nine songs from the debut album. Additionally, guitar players may download Guitar Tabs and Guitar Pro 6 files; which are carefully transcribed by guitarist Shant Hagopian himself.

Hey guys!

Have you ever wanted to play that one part when your favourite musician plays that other part you love? What about jamming on top of your favourite drummer’s and bassist’s “that goose-bumps bit?”

Well, you can do that with Semantic Saturation now!

Soon, Solipsistic, as in the whole début album, track by track, stem and backing, as well as painstakingly transcribed tabs and Guitar Pro files, will be available at their site.

Best bit?[pullquote]Musicians will have access to Stems and Backing Tracks of *all* instruments in one song by using a single Key Code. Key Codes are obtainable through [here]. Once a Key Code is used it cannot be reused to unlock Backing Tracks of other songs. To download the Backing Tracks of additional songs you will need more Key Codes.[/pullquote]

Stardust and Lost and Found: Insanity are already available!

Both these songs and the upcoming ones will be available at Semantic Saturation website here!

By the way if you haven’t given a read to my interview with this talented musician yet, you’re not too late… Here it is…
Have fun!
Lady herself

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