Hi there my lovely followers… I would like to thank you all for your kind comments and emails… You’re all making this journey so much  greater!My fellow reviewer Yorost has another gem for you today…  Over to him…

Cynthesis are basically early Zero Hour with Enchant’s drummer, which immediately makes you think Zero Hour fans should love them. My gut reaction to this group was not good, they are not Zero Hour and I couldn’t shake the feeling I wish they were doing Zero Hour instead. Having had some time to cope with the situation I’ve recently been warming up to them and felt you guys might like to hear them if you haven’t already.

A cross of Zero Hour and Enchant might actually be a good description of this band, that is what their members are after all. They’re less aggressive than Zero Hour (on multiple fronts), while including some of that art metal like feel of Enchant, so I actually think this band is a great recommendation for people that like the sonics of Zero Hour but wanted more tried and true melodic songs. It’s a bit of a step back for Zero Hour fans, but nevertheless a good release for us if you can accept it isn’t Zero Hour. Jasun and Troy are still leading the way and leaving many moments reminiscent of Zero Hour. Good stuff, just more of a normal prog metal release.

I’ll leave you with two similar songs, both aggressive showcases expanded with big sections focused on the singing. Probably my two favourite songs from DeEvolution, and the two most similar to what Zero Hour was/is.

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