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Cullooden’s Debut Album is Hitting the Stores Soon!

It’s been over a year since I first discovered that Fredrik Joakimsson, the drummer of Cloudscape – as I knew him then – is actually a fantastic vocalist as well, when he sent me a couple of his tracks he recorded with his other band, Cullooden.

I’ve been holding my breath since then so as not to shout out loud about this album.

Finally the  the time has arrived. The band signed with Dead End Exit, the metal division under the RoastingHouse Records.

You will see a full album review on these pages soon, but to give you an idea about the sound, Cullooden‘s 10-track debut album is a melodic hard rock album with a proggy end  and full of catchy hooks and clocks in 58 minutes. I am really impressed by Fredrik’s high-pitched and emotional delivery – this surprised me even more after I heard his deep and low speaking voice on the phone the other day.

The album was partly recorded at Roastinghouse Studios and mixed & mastered by Anders “Theo” Theander. Be on the lookout for this album which will hit the stores in January 10, 2014 through Dead End Exit Records and Sound Pollution Distribution. 

Cullodeen are Fredrik Joakimsson on guitars and vocals, Jonas Ekestubbe on guitars and Michael Södergren on bass guitars.

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