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Sorronia- Words of Silence

Sorronia is a symphonic metal band from Hungary and are debuting with this record. The bands consists of Anna Király (vocals), István Biró (keyboards), László “Hümér” Szabó (guitar), László Ollós (bass guitar), and Kristóf Vízi (drums). They were first conceived in 2011 by Anna and István, and premiered the music video and first single, Enemy of Yourself, in January 2013.


The beginning track, which is aptly titled, certainly displays the symphonic elements. For those familiar with videogames, the symphonic parts of the album, at times, remind me of the God of War series. This track is very short, but also acts as a good lead in to the next song.

Fallen Angel

The band comes in for the first time, and easily blends the metal and symphonic elements together. The vocals are not on the same level as seen in Nightwish, for example, but they fit the band’s music well. The spoken word section beginning at 1:07 sounds out of place, but the normal vocal sections interspersed between the spoken parts contain beautiful melodies. The instrumentalists restrain themselves and keep the music at a relatively slower pace. I really enjoy the classical section and solo at 3:15 and the brief vocals following. A final spoken word ends the track, but actually sounds quite appropriate this time, and ends the song well.

Enemy of Yourself

This track was the single released from this album, and also has a music video that you can watch below the review. It is easy to see why this was the single, as it perfectly captures what the band is all about. The opening is heavy and accented by the orchestral elements. The vocals and the melodies sound relatively good here. They could be delivered with a little more power and emotion, but they are good. Interestingly the heaviness experienced at the beginning of the track doesn’t quite return, which is slightly disappointing. The solo and the sections following are great. It is not an extremely technical solo, but it absolutely fits the tempo and song.

Serenade of Memories

This track has another opening that I actually adore. The band has quite a knack for creating interesting vocal melodies, as shown again here. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I love the relatively consistent slow tempo songs that differentiate this album from many other symphonic metal releases. Like many of the other tracks, it has a relatively short length of just over four minutes, which helps it not drag.

Lost in Falling

While I am starting to repeat myself, it must be said again that the opening to this track is excellent and epic. The interesting thing is that I find myself wishing that there were more instrumental sections. The vocals, again, are not bad, but the band seems to have so many interesting musical ideas, and with the symphonic approach, I would have loved a proper instrumental track (other than the very short Intro). Regarding the vocals, there are some intriguing melodies here, but not quite as nice as in the previous track. The song ends rather suddenly and nonchalantly, with more of a whimper than a bang.


I really love the instrumentalists on this song. The vocal melodies fall slightly flat, unfortunately, as they aren’t nearly as memorable as what is going on behind them. The energetic solo maintains a powerful tone, even considering the slower nature of it. While, as mentioned, the vocals don’t stick with you, the song still remains one of the best tracks on the album.

My Eternal Land

This is a track that takes multiple listens to truly appreciate. It seems to be a standard symphonic metal ballad, but the vocal melodies don’t click right away. However, I now declare them to be some of the best on the entire album. This track is not as short as the next one, but it does leave a little more to be desired since it is not even 4 minutes long.

Leave it Behind

The penultimate track contains more great vocal moments. If the album contained more great vocal melodies like these, it would be an easy recommendation to any symphonic metal listeners. The solos fit extremely well, and I really enjoy the whole song. My one complaint is that it is way too short, clocking in at exactly 3 minutes. This is a great tune, and feels over much too quickly.

This is the End

Carrying an epic and accurate title, the song, fortunately, lives up to the task of being a truly fitting album closer. It contains more excellent vocal melodies, but they need more power behind them. The song is quite short, once again, which marks one of my complaints with the entire album. It was much too short, so there were certain great musical ideas that were momentarily heard but never fully fleshed out. The only song that I felt was appropriately short, as previously mentioned, was Serenade of Memories.

While I did enjoy the album, I feel like there is just so much more the band is capable of. Anna is not a bad vocalist by any means, but she currently lacks the power to truly bring these songs to the next level. I believe with more vocal training and practicing, she can truly become a fantastic singer, as she already has a beautiful base to work from. The instrumentalists are all terrific, with great musical ideas outlining most of these tracks. The playing isn’t frenetic or fast, but relatively calm and slow for the majority of the album, which absolutely works for them. I definitely recommend watching the music video below before a purchase, but if you like what you hear, the other tracks are even better!

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