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Voodoo Circle – More Than One Way Home

More Than One Way Home is the third album from international supergroup led by Alex Beyrodt on guitar (Primal Fear, Sinner, Silent Force), David Readman on vocals (Pink Cream 69), Mat Sinner on bass (Primal Fear, Sinner, Kiske/Somerville), Jimmy Kresic on keyboards (Liquid one, Steve Lukather), and Markus Kullmann on drums (Dezperadoz). I admit that this was the first time, for whatever reason, I had ever listened to a Voodoo Circle album all the way through. I had always heard about the band and was extremely familiar with their main bands in the power metal genre. For those who are fans of Primal Fear or Silent Force, you will be quite surprised by Voodoo Circle’s blues-rock based sound. Being a teenager in the 80’s I remember fondly when Whitesnake released it’s self-titled album in 1987 and took over the Billboard charts and their videos were mainstays on what used to be music television, otherwise known as MTV. So after giving the album a good listen, I was transported back to the glory days of my teen years.

The first track Graveyard City kicks things off in grand fashion with a high energy 80’s Whitesnake Children of the Night vibe. Beyrodt’s guitar playing style on this one is reminiscent of classic Jake E. Lee. Readman’s vocals are on fire with a Coverdale-esque upper register. Tears in the Rain keeps the Whitesnake worship rolling with a mid tempo bluesy groove. Readman’s emotive singing style fits the song perfectly. I am a big fan of his vocals in his main band Pink Cream 69, but he surpasses my expectations with his performance through out the twelve songs on the album. Beyrodt sets the fretboard on fire with some bluesy shredding. Heart of Babylon has a Still of the Night style verse but sets off on a different path with a melodic breakdown and chorus. The solo section has a very cool breakdown and some blinding lead guitar licks and keyboard wankery of Kresic. The albums first single/video Cry for Love has a cool Hammond organ accompaniment by keyboardist Kresic with Readman’s soulful vocal. This song is the most AOR friendly song on the album, which is not a knock at all. The song is a catchy hard rock gem that will have you singing along after just a couple of listens. The albums quasi-ballad Alissa has a bluesy acoustic guitar driven swagger with some fine background harmony vocals. The band is firing on all cylinders with the keyboard laden Deep Purple inspired The Ghost In Your Heart. Keyboardist really gets to shine on this song. There is a tip of the hat to the classic Purple album Perfect Strangers during the breakdown right before the guitar solo. The band keeps the up-tempo moving with the heavy rockin’ sneer of Bane of my Existence. The title track is another midtempo ode to Mister Coverdale and Co. In certain areas it is reminiscent of the Whitesnake monster hit Is This Love? The rock returns on the guitar heavy The Killer In You, which has a memorable chorus and backing vocals and another shredding solo from Beyrodt. The Saint and The Sinner uses the classic WS album for lyrical and musical inspiration. Victim of Love has a slow deliberate bluesy intro and kicks into a midtempo rocker during the chorus. The albums closing moment is the heavy and rocking Open Your Eyes. Beyrodt’s chugging guitar and drummer Kullmann lead the way. Readman’s vocals are full of passion and fire and the soaring vocal harmonies are gloriously on display. In the final analysis, Voodoo Circle is one of the most fun listens of 2013. Is it original? Hell no, but that’s the point. It’s an unabashed tribute to the bands musical heroes. I would highly recommend this album not only for fans of Voodoo Circle and the individual band members other projects, but also for fans of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, and Dio era Rainbow, you will find plenty of great riffs and bluesy vocals to sink your teeth into on More Than One Way Home. The band will also finally invade U.S. shores next year for the annual ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, giving America a taste of its classic rock inspired Voodoo Rock!

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