Bio: Cvinger are,
Lucerus – bass and vocals
Bagot – guitars
Krieg Maschine – Drums

Me (Bagot) and Lucerus know each other for a long time, we are practically neighbors. We start working together on something evil and blasphemus few years ago but we couldn’t find the drummer. Then I met Krieg Maschine and we start to jam pure black metal. Later Lucerus joined our jams and it eventually evolved in Cvinger.  We recorded demo/single Abyss of horns after a mouth of playing and later Ep monastery of fallen. We start filming Music video for title track Monastery of fallen before the EP but we finished it after. Now we are working on full – length album. Some songs are already done. None of the tracks heard before will be on the album. Just new stuff.

Genre: We never chose Black metal. We were just jamming all the time. I think Black metal is the best genre to express myself.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: We are not fans of happy metal, I think we were all staring to blasphemous black metal from day one.

Ideas about the album: We are happy with the product. It has all we wanted to have, so our point of view is: we nailed it!

There will absolutely be some improvement on Full – length album. We are aiming to go even faster…blasphemy will be continued.

Reception: Good. If you are an old school black death fan you can find something for yourself in our EP.

Next step; live or studio: We are moving to Australia Gold coast in November. We will continue there. We are planning to do some gigs there till the Full length album is complete.

After full length we will do some touring to, but till then we will be mostly concentrating on Album.

Future plans: As long as we are playing I am not looking into the future. I am enjoying the present.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Lyrics are Lucesruses presentations or reflections we could say on his current state of mind. They all have deeper meanings, mostly summoned from stench of everyday life. Lyrics are NOT political but you can find some similarities, since politics pretty much influence our life. As a reader you can interpret them as you want you can seek your own under lines and meanings or judge them. We don’t give a shit about what black metal lyrics should be and how to write deep lyrics our just using heavy words to sound deep. I can say that Luceruses lyrics, my guitars and Krieg maschines drums are all the hatred, wrath and burden we carry, summoned together. The f*** spawn of Cvinger.

Composers: I and Krieg Maschine usually make all songs while playing on rehearsal. Lucerus wrote and is writing all the lyrics. He also recorded all the chant vocals.

Inspirations: Mostly death metal.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: It is not that simple. We are creating music for our own sake. If the audience likes it that is even better. The minute after you release CD or upload your music on internet you stop doing music just for yourself.

I think almost all the musicians want their music to be heard and to be liked, no matter how true you are, after you upload the music your music also becomes a part of people/ listeners.

Greatest Accomplishment: Monastery of fallen EP.

Anything else? For all those who support us and find in our music something for themselves special thanks. You can buy our stuff on our official web page or BandCamp.

On Ebay seller: Metal Monastery has our work and is also direct support. Go check our music video Monastery of fallen on YouTube or on our official website. And special thanks to Mike from Abyss records and The metal detector music promotions.

Official Website, Bandcamp, Facebook.

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