Bio: I first came up with the idea of starting Switchblade after writing some basic songs, more like forms of sketches. Later on the first Switchblade line came to be near the end of 2005. Since then the band worked on several songs, reaching up through the years with 8 in number. However, all throughout the period between 2005 till 2010, the band suffered from plenty of lineup changes, including me leaving the rhythm guitar post to become the band’s vocalist in 2008. That period of five years had the band issuing unofficial releases and demos, played in a few gigs but never really had the chance to officially record a release due to the lineup swaps. However, I can say that the real change, the true journey to glory, started in 2010. Switchblade’s true foundation as a professional began with the emergence of a solid lineup, a producer / guitarist, prolific drummer, a highly talented bass player and with actual purposes to follow. Of course that we had lineup changes but those turned out to be minor in comparison to the past. I felt that there is a stronger connection and chemistry between the core members than ever before.

Genre: Switchblade is a Heavy Metal band following the traditional form of the genre dating back to the 80’s decade. This genre is essentially our basis for admiring Metal music. The other subgenres couldn’t have been without this true foundation.

Evolution of musical and thematic elements: Well, once it was me as guitarist that wrote both the music and the lyrics. However, since I wasn’t such of a good guitarist per se after revealing basic creations. Later on, after 2010, our producer and lead guitarist, and for some time our ex-bass player, took the songwriting and made it something greater, classier in an impeccable quality. Therefore, as it is today, both my guitarist and I usually write the songs, embed lyrics and singing melodies. In time, we have been able to achieve a measure of creativity that elevated the song’s quality while also producing them as memorable and easy to comprehend.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Basically the lyrical themes of Switchblade were created after an own brainstorming. In the past, meaning the band’s first period, I used to write songs about ancient prophecies, the ripper and such. Later on, especially for “Heavy Weapons”, I scoured the human condition, sort of psychological matters along with my love for Metal music and its classic era. As for influences it is quite obvious, however, with our 80’s oriented music we try to shed a different light on the matured themes.

Ideas about the album: Speaking on our debut album, I believe we have reached to the point where we had to choose of a direction to follow through on our next ventures. “Heavy Weapons” is an album of hits, at least in our bill, some more 80’s oriented and several a slightly modern. As for improvements, only experience and time will tell.

Reception: Well, the album isn’t out yet, but for now we have been hearing positive responses.

Composers: The songs are being composed by our lead guitarist, which is also our producer, he provides the riffs, basic rhythm section notes and the actual feel to the songs. I provide the lyrics and the singing melodies.

Inspirations: Probably our greatest influence down the road, especially after 2010, has been IRON MAIDEN. However, we have been fans of various of bands ranging from Heavy, Power through Thrash and several modern acts.

Next step; live or studio: Currently we are promoting the upcoming releases through the various media forms. We will be scheduling a release show along with other gigs to back it up. Also we will be possibly preparing a listening party in order to gather more support. As for international shows and tours, at this point we have no plans due to lack of budget but for sure this is one of our aims in order to let others enjoy our material.

Future plans: In the near future it will be the support of “Heavy Weapons”, promoting the album in both digital and physical forms. I guess that it will be bright. As for the far future, is working on our second album and maybe heading off to Europe if budget and time will allow it.

Preference; live or studio: Hard to answer that question as the only road that we were on is for lone gigs and to the studio.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: First of all, and always will be, Switchblade’s music is for the Switchblade members. Our music is first of all for us, if we won’t like, we won’t continue with it, needless to say share it with an audience. The last thing we wish to be is a slave trademark for an audience in order to be admired.

Greatest Accomplishment: Last year we were able to reach the finals of the local “Wacken Metal Battle”, and of course now we have “Heavy Weapons” to be proud of. On a personal note, I am honored to be working with such good peers as my band mates, professional folks, a cause for admiration. That is I consider as a great accomplishment in general.

Anything else? We wish to thank each and every person that took the time to listen to our singles and for whoever wishes to purchase the upcoming release. Switchblade is slowly building up to become something great and we hope that our offerings will make you people feel good about yourselves and for being true Metalheads.

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