Raintime – Rolling Chances

First heard Raintime, and Italian band, at a festival some years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect going in but had heard good things.  They blew me away … let’s just say I’m not a big shirt person but I bought one of theirs. Rolling Chances comes off their solid second album, Flies & Lies, which is the only one I’ve heard from them, although I hear their first album was also very good.  One might describe this group as being based in power metal but mixing in very melodic death elements …with a flair for 80s metal.  I’m not certain I’d call them terribly original, but they craft catchy songs and put on a good performance.

Rolling Chances is one of the best tracks off Flies & Lies and captures a lot of what is to love about the group.  It’s got that power metal feel driving the song, with wonderfully done bright keyboards punctuating the song.  This creates a great contrast to everything else going on, especially the vocals, which smoothly go between harsh and soaring.  They get you completely hooked by the end of their first vocal passage.

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