Russell Allen songs

Today I want to share songs by one of the best singers in the world… Sir Russell Allen!!!!

I was watching Star One – Live On Earth DVD last night and this great vocalist with an amazing range owned me… I couldn’t help but went to bed way later than I should have… So, yeah… Woke up with an urge to write about him today, as expected!
I saw Symphony X three times last month in California and how he can control his voice, what kind of things he can do with it… Just beyond awesome!
Listen to The Edge of Forever and tell me that the emotion and the passion in his singing is not palpable!!!!
He also shines very brightly on stage which makes him a complete package as an artist…

Anyway I’ll say no more as I am reviewing Symphony X albums at the moment… So a lot more is yet to come about Allen…

Enjoy the songs!

Don’t forget the aforementioned DVD!

Bye for now!

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