Exawatt – Tomorrow

Morning my dear, lovely friends!

First off thank you all for all those lovely comments you have been sending me via all social network sites and e-mails but not my webzine… lol…

Anyway, I was having my morning dose of tunes and wanted to share this one with you… A music fiend and a lovely friend brought them to may attention so time ago. (Hi Orkun)  They are rather obscure… Yes, I’m trying to live up to my name ­čÖé

EXAWATT is another good  prog-power metal band from Italy. Vocalist Luca Benni’s voice is clearly tailor-made for prog!!! The recording could be better but it doesn’t change the fact that the song is awesome!

See whether you agree with me.

Make it a good one lovelies…. Bye for now!


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