Jartse Tuominen

Bio: Jartse Tuominen is a musician from Finland composing and performing Prog, Rock, Jazz, Fusion (instrumental). He has 4 albums and working on the fifth to be released early 2014. He is signed with RockAdillo Records.

I have two bands, one in Europe and another in USA.

With the American band we just started gigging; Brannen Temple (drums), Brady Muckelroy (bass)

With Finnish Band: Anssi Nykänen (drums), Jukka Kampman (bass), Pekka Siistonen (keys) we have played together many years.

We have all been professionally involved with music for decades.

Genre: I don´t think that music should have limits or boxes. It´s all music.

Genre chose me.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: It´s hard to explain. Things just come to me.

Ideas about the albums: We work with the products (CDs) as long as we are all happy with them.

Reception: My type of music is not easiest to listen. I am happy that we have found audiences from many different countries. Overall the reception has been great.

Preference; live or studio: Both. But they are totally different worlds. I do enjoy them both

Next step; live or studio: New CD will be released early 2014. We will be touring after CD release.

Future plans: More CDs and more tours.

Composers: I am. All the Band members bring their own flavors to the music of course.

Inspirations: There are lots of those. It would take days to make the list. If I have to mention few, I would say from Gary Moore to Mahavishnu Orchestra.

But I have always made kind of weird music anyway, with my own style.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Music is more important of course, but music and audience walk hand in hand if you want to make your living playing music.

Greatest Accomplishment: It´s hard to say, because there are so many of them. One great occasion was when I got invited to play at Salt Lake City Olympic Games 2002.

Anything else? I am proud that I have had chances to play with many amazing musicians from all over the world during my career, and I have had a chance to host my GTR-Tours / Festivals for the last 10 years.

You will find more information from www.jartse.com and www.gtrtour.com.

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