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First Studio Update from Universal Mind Project!

Some of you would remember that Michael Alexander assembled a brilliant cast for his Universal Mind Project.

Michael Alexander (guitars/composing),
Elina Laivera (vocals/composing, Seduce The Heaven),
Charlie Dominici (vocals, ex- Dream Theater),
Henrik Bath (vocals, Darkwater),
Mike LePond (bass, SYMPHONY X),
Alex Landenburg (drums, Rhapsody, Masterplan, ex-Annihilator, ex-Stratovarius),
Johan Reinholz (guitar, Andromeda),
Theodore Ziras (guitar, Hand Of God),
David Valdes (guitar)

For more info just give my interview with the mastermind  Alexander, Elina Laivera and Henrik Bath a read. And now, he has given us an update. Check it out guys!

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