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Dreadnaught – Have a Drink with Dreadnaught

Review by  Jimmi C

Time to get the rounds in as we take to the table with the highly experimental Dreadnaught, an alternative progressive rock band from New Hampshire who are relentlessly pursuing to take the weird and wonderful to a higher level.. It’s bottoms up as we take a walk on the whacky side of progressive rock!

Having released six full length albums since their fateful union in 1996 and continuous, laudable responses to their virtuostic life shows, Dreadnaught’s latest EP, ‘Have a Drink with Dreadnaught’, demonstrates that this flamboyant three piece are by no means daunted at the prospect of traversing new realms of audible opportunities.

First up, we get the groove underway with the countrified ‘Corrupticus 5’, an instant head bobber which boasts melodic, voluminous guitar work and smooth, soaring rock organs and free flowing bass licks. A playful plucking of strings and the sudden yielding to a caterwaul of raunchy electric whisks our eardrums along at a fevered pace with the exclusively instrumental ‘Surface Raid’, encompassing a mixture of disco synths, accentuated by the fluttering of violins and some very Zappa inspired lead work. A beautiful montage of musical madness.

‘The Bear’ follows in hot pursuit,  a melodic and catchy ditty with spontaneous meanderings from bass and guitars, powerful vocals and rhythmic twists and turns. Penultimate track, ‘JPF’, is the most pop orientated of the EP’s tracks, but is certainly still seasoned with a generous sprinkling of quirky dynamical shifts.  Dreadnaught really let the freak off the leash though with the final musical bombardment, ‘Trophy Bride’, a raucous concoction of soaring guitars and eccentric sounding bass lines with enough notes to sink a battleship.

Multifarious and bristling with musicianship, ‘Have a Drink with Dreadnaught’ is a humble yet adventurous assortment of musical creativity, traversing a wide variety of musical styles with the executory aplomb and grace of an acrobat in full swing.

A gentle warning, however: this EP may not be quite so enjoyable for  listeners who prefer the simpler compositional aspects of progressive rock music, as it should be stressed that  Dreadnaught’s deliverance of weird  rock is by no means an understatement. Nevertheless, ‘Have a Drink with Dreadnaught’  comes highly recommended  for  those who are more inclined to straying off the path of conventional rock  n’roll!

Keep your eyes peeled for the band’s upcoming full-length album, Hard Chargin’, but in the meantime, the full five track EP  is available to download online via the Bandcamp link below:

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