Threat Signal – As I Destruct / Inane

Hey folks!

Today I’m taking you to Canada to hear some good melodic death metal/metalcore . Threat Signal have been around since 2003 and have released three studio albums.

My friend black_floyd chose the two tracks for you from their debut album, Under Reprisal.

Without further ado, over to him:

This genre (metalcore) is not my favourite, generally speaking but their guitarist is a melodic genius who just destroys it with how awesomely he shines through even playing in such a seemingly limited genre. Here’s a couple morsels for you…

As I Destruct – easily one of my ten favorite all-time “beautiful” guitar solos (at 2:12).

Inane – From 4:04 until the end of this track, a gorgeous shift into a completely new section and it showcases why this band is yet another personnel tragedy since the guitarist, Kyle McKnight, is off doing some solo stuff and as far as I know, no release date is in sight.

These are both from the album Under Reprisal and there are a decent amount of other good songs on it too with a nice mix of chaotically heavy as well as melodic solos.

Bon Appetit!

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