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Age of Silence – The Green Office and the Dark Desk Drawer

Hello again!

Recently featured was a song by Winds, a band I very much love!  Well, many of the Winds members had a second project going on together at the same time, Age of Silence.   A six piece band, consisting of three out of four members of Winds and, notably, Lars Nedland, a multi-talented musician sure to be featured here again in the future.  They never did quite match Winds, but that’s a tall order and this is still a fine band, offering odd themes, interesting compositionism and often bordering on creepy.

Age of Silence certainly does not shy away from taking on lofty projects, carrying a stated goal of exploring human behavior through their music.  This has driven each of their projects to lyrically focus on themes like white collar jobs or the commercial world, making for some particularly unusual lyrics.  The song I chose to highlight here, The Green Office and the Dark Desk Drawer, is no exception, with a bizarre title and lyrics bordering on nuts.  While not a fan of truly silly lyrics, I am partial towards peculiar lyrics, like these, which make you wonder what’s going on without feeling absurd.

Hope you enjoy!

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