Reason – Life to a Flame

Hey lovelies!

You know some songs grab you by the scruff of the neck straight away?

Lovely Sarah sent this song my way for which I’ll be forever grateful. I got hooked from the very first listen. I was yet to find out that this song was from a debut album, one of the bests out there right now, I would say.

Seriously, my huge passion for journalism triggered the desire to talk to the guys involved. I was lucky to get a hold of the guitar player Chris, who turned out to be very kind and attentive person. He agreed to answer my questions, which obviously means you will see an interview and an album review on these pages soon!

Have you ever found yourself saying “metal is not (only) what you think it is?” Well this band is one of the weapons I added to my arsenal that I’ll use to convert new people!

These talented musicians released their debut album last December from Alienation Records, and you’d better check it out!

What struck me as most interesting about this song were the cold, distant and impressive vocals and the guitar solos…

Now, enjoy the song and spread the word!

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