Brood of Hatred

In the beginning, the universe was born out of nothingness. The war between the great forces started violently and ended fast, and the young universe was doomed to be left-handed, and asymmetrical and the arrow of time was just advancing it’s predetermined future. Billions of years passed, than matter made life, life made man and manmade god. God made Satan and Satan wanted to corrupt man, but man had the tool, and the tool was rebellious and it slowly took control of men’s life. The tool is now called technology and it’s evolving very fast, to the point where it became intelligent and a new race was born that is going to wipe out all of humanity and its delusion world. The genocide lasted for years but when the killing stopped all what was left had to be conquered.

Bio: Brood Of Hatred is a Tunisian (North Africa) death metal band brought together in 2010 by Mohamed Melki.

The band started as a one-man project, but after the recording of the debut EP, the band took shape as new members joined in and the final lineup was set.

The first EP, called “NEW ORDER OF INTELLIGENCE”, recorded in February 2012, has been released on March 2012, followed by releasing two official videos.

I consider Metal to be an extreme form of expression that permits our greatest feelings as humans to manifest themselves, so for the love of it I chose to form this band and let my own music be heard. Brood Of Hatred was brought together in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki (me). The project came after an extensive experience in the Tunisian Metal scene through which I played with numerous Extreme Metal Bands. Brood Of Hatred started as a solo project but it didn’t take long before I found members who are ready to commit to the band. The name followed naturally when I first started the project, it came spontaneously as I thought about all the hypocrisy and lies in peoples’ lives. [pullquote] Billions of years passed, than the universe became old and started to weaken. The sound of its falling was all that could be heard. Black holes are cleaning what was left of dying stars then black holes died themselves and the universe was left cold and dark.[/pullquote]Genre: Extreme metal for me is the greatest genre that it lets you express the deepest emotions inside of you in every way possible and that makes the message you want to transmit to anyone else and in a very specific way, so this genre means so much to me.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: First of all, The album came to life in a very hard time… in that moment where you drown in solitude and caused by the society and you feel that you are against everything that happens. So the evolution came through many phases starting from “Deconstruction” till we get to “Disbelief Grows” a concept that has no relation or link with religion, but it’s linked to the Human being.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: While the lyrics in themselves are intentionally ambiguous and obscure, it’s clear that inspiration comes mainly from our concern about the past, current, and future state of our civilization and the place of Men in the universe. I view our lyrics as lying between the borders of a mystical and a scientific world view while intriguing the listener into trying to come out with different personal interpretations of the songs. While this is how I conceive our lyrics, it should be said that my friend Nidhal Selmi is the one who mainly worked on finalizing them.

Ideas about the album: Man you have no idea how it feels and how hard it is to listen to your final product with the atmosphere you sought and wanted while you are living in Tunisia where there’s no metal scene existence, And to get that satisfying result,  I worked with many folks so I get the spirit that I sought musically, coz that spirit is like a package of the whole work, till finally I found Maciej Dawidek the most underrated person that got the idea of how the music quality must be and understood the concept.

Reception: Well till now we got a great feedback from reviewers and waiting for the rest, and most of all waiting for our fans feedback when they get their CDs.

Preference; live or studio: The vortex.

Next step; live or studio: The band is currently active, yet we still haven’t done any live gigs in Tunisia because of the lack of any proper organization. This doesn’t mean that we do not aim to perform on a local, national or international level, and we are already rehearsing since a year and let’s see what this year brings after the album is released… Soon some shows will be announced some international shows, we are working on that… and some behind the curtain plans is in process.

Future plans: For the moment I don’t want to speak about the future, as we don’t know what’s hidden to us, let it decide itself.

Composers: I write the synopsis that’s when the name of the track is created and from them the inspiration comes so i write the music and Nidhal get to collect all those elements to get the final lyrics.

Inspirations: It’s clear that we are a Death Metal band, still we like to experiment with atmosphere and sometimes add some progressive elements to the music. We are mostly influenced but what I like to call Old-school Metal including bands such as Death, Gorguts, Morbid Angel and by newer bands such as Ulcerate.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Music, music and music.

Greatest Accomplishment: There’s no such thing in my opinion called greatest accomplishment, all the experiences during the career gave life to this project, and the most important fact is that the message reaches as it meant to be and to more people.

Anything else? We are happy to deliver them [our fans] our debut and grateful for their support, And we are waiting for their feedback. And finally thanks to you for this amazing interview.

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