Theatres Des Vampires

Yesterday, I was to a very impressive gig and got introduced to a band I am a little too late to check out… Although, better late than never, right?

The band I’m talking about is Theatres des Vampires.

If you are hungry for electronic metal with a Gothic and dark feel to it, give Theatres des Vampires a chance, you won’t regret it.

Better yet, see them live… They are touring now with two other lovely bands from Italy, Jtr Sickert and Lunocode. I picked up their album Anima Noir right away and got it signed by lovely Sonya. Of course, my daily commute is solely for music so I listened to it this morning. The album has a very nice sense of energy and an uplifting mood. The energetic opening riffs and drum beats got me hooked right away… and I must add that the keys gives the band’s sound a classy feel.

Songs are catchy, lively and not over-Gothic.  So those who are not very much into Gothic can enjoy it as much as those who do! Especially, if you don’t like growls, you will find them a fresh breath of air…
Their show was very cool as well. Sonya’s ever changing, breath-taking outfits and *cough* nice body *cough* – absolutely something to see. If you are fishing for some extra attention from this Vampirella and why not, maybe want some blood on your face, you’d better find your way to the front row as you are very likely to enjoy the vampire show to the fullest from there. All the other members are very lively and they clearly enjoy themselves on stage…

I strongly recommend this fang friendly show to anyone who has any amount of interest in vampire literature and lore!

Lady Obscure

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